Pet health insurance: Good for pets, good for practices

Pet health insurance

In this article:
  • Understand how pet health insurance can help patients get the health care they need.
  • Get tools to help your veterinary team talk with clients about pet health insurance.



Pet health insurance can help pets get the health care they need. Having pet health insurance makes it more likely that owners will follow their veterinarian’s recommendations. That’s why AVMA endorses the concept of pet health insurance and encourages veterinary teams to proactively educate clients about it.

Why discuss pet insurance?

Talking with clients about pet health insurance and answering their questions is a way for each of us to help improve patient care. When veterinarians help clients make informed decisions about how to pay for their pets' health care, we're fulfilling our roles as advocates for both patients and clients. The topic is a natural extension of the health care we provide.

One of the biggest challenges veterinarians face is getting clients to follow through on recommended care plans. Sharing information about pet health insurance can be a proactive solution to this challenge.

Tools for the veterinary team

AVMA’s commitment includes empowering veterinary teams with tools to make it easier and more convenient to talk with clients about health insurance. These resources are available free of charge to all AVMA members:


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