Social media for National Dog Bite Prevention Week


National Dog Bite Prevention Week® is a great time to make sure your veterinary practice's social media feeds remind your clients of the importance of dog bite prevention.

Here are promotion ideas, sample posts, and downloadable images for use on your own social media feeds before and during National Dog Bite Prevention Week®, which runs April 7-13, 2024. The copy-and-paste posts are formulated for Facebook and Twitter, but you can modify them for use on any social network.

Copy-and-paste social media posts

  • Any dog can bite if provoked. They can bite as a reaction to something, if they’re startled, are scared, aren’t feeling well, or are engaged in play. Socialization and education are keys to dog bite prevention. Find out more about why dogs bite and what you can do to prevent dog bites here:

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Downloadable social media images

Download and use these images to use in your social media campaigns for National Dog Bite Prevention Week® in April.