Microchip identification of companion animals and equids

The AVMA endorses the implantation of electronic identification in companion animals and equids and supports standardization in materials, procedures, equipment, and registries. Veterinary healthcare teams are thereby encouraged to recommend the implantation of electronic identification of animals to their clients.

The objectives of an effective system of electronic identification of animals are to:

  1. Accurately identify animals to aid in reuniting animals with their owners
  2. Accurately identify animals for regulatory purposes
    1. Travel (international and domestic)
    2. Certificates of Inspection
    3. Identification of specific animals such as breeding animals, competition animals, animals where legislation mandates permanent identification
  3. Accurately identify animals prior to providing medical or surgical treatment or euthanasia

The AVMA supports ISO (International Organization for Standardization) compliant RFID (radio frequency identification) technology that adheres to and is based on ISO 11784/11785 standards.