Feral swine


The AVMA supports the USDA/APHIS definition of feral swine as: "Swine that have lived all (wild) or any part (feral) of their lives free-roaming."1

The AVMA supports scientifically based regulation and/or legislation at the federal, state, and local level that:


  • Facilitates the humane and ecologically responsible removal of all feral swine from private and public lands to safeguard and protect animal, human, and ecosystem health; and,
  • Funds research into scientific methods for control and eradication of the feral swine population.

The AVMA recognizes the risk of spreading disease organisms through feral swine contact and movement and as such:

  • Supports the authority of USDA and State Animal Health Officials to regulate and enforce testing and movement of feral swine.
  • Recommends never transporting live feral swine for purposes other than immediate slaughter at a USDA approved facility.
  • Recommends never transporting uninspected feral swine carcasses and/or meat across state lines.

1 USDA / APHIS. Swine Brucellosis Control/Eradication, State–Federal–Industry Uniform Methods and Rules. APHIS 91–55–042. April 1998. Web. 11 Feb. 2013.