New listings in AVMA Veterinary Clinical Trials Registry – March 2024

The AVMA’s Veterinary Clinical Trials Registry—formerly the AVMA Animal Health Studies Database—has undergone revisions and debuted with a new look in February. The site connects clinical scientists seeking animal participants for their studies with veterinarians and owners looking for studies for their patients and pets.

Animal owners and other interested parties can use this registry, available at veterinaryclinicaltrials.org, to find veterinary and animal health clinical studies on conditions ranging from arthritis to diabetes to cancer—in dogs, cats, horses, and other species.

The Veterinary Clinical Trials Registry improves upon several features of the previous database, including making browsing and sharing studies easy, notifying users when relevant studies are published, and streamlining the study submission process for study personnel and curators.

Logo: AVMA Veterinary Clinical Trials Registry

Below are some of the most recent veterinary clinical studies listed in the registry. Information about participation in the studies is available at the database site.

  • VCT22005459: “Preclinical comparison of two hypomethylating nucleosides in tumor-bearing dogs,” Colorado State University; University of Wisconsin-Madison; and Purdue University
  • VCT24005793: “Phase II - multicenter clinical trial of trametinib for dogs with histiocytic sarcoma,” University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • VCT24005789: “Combination radiation and immunotherapy for advanced cancer,” University of Wisconsin-Madison Veterinary Care’s small animal hospital
  • VCT24005790: “The safety of the combination of local radiation, systemic monoclonal antibody, and intratumoral cytokine in dogs with melanoma,” University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • VCT24005787: “Assessing the effectiveness and safety of Verdinexor for the treatment of lymphoma in dogs,” University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • VCT24005786: “Single dose plasma pharmacokinetic analysis of targeted anticancer agents in tumor bearing dogs,” Colorado State University
  • VCT20005123: “Canine osteosarcoma clinical trial,” Center for Image-Guided Animal Therapy at Johns Hopkins University
  • VCT22005507: “Evaluating blood clotting in dogs with idiopathic immune thrombocytopenia,” Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine
  • VCT23005632: “The effect of a novel intra-articular device on pain and function secondary to hip osteoarthritis in dogs” Colorado Animal Specialty & Emergency, Boulder, Colorado; Wisconsin Veterinary Referral Center, Waukesha, Wisconsin; and Wisconsin Veterinary Referral Center, Kenosha, Wisconsin
  • VCT24005788: “An indication-seeking pilot study of Paccal Vet in dogs with splenic hemangiosarcoma following splenectomy,” Veterinary Referral Center of Central Oregon, Bend, Oregon
  • VCT24005785: “Repurposing vaccine immunity to treat cancers: Validation in canine patients,” Colorado State University; University of California-Davis; University of Missouri; University of Wisconsin; and The Ohio State University
  • VCT24005781: “Novel therapy with LSD1 inhibitor for cats with oral squamous cell carcinoma,” Colorado State University
  • VCT24005780: “Novel monoclonal antibody for feline atopic skin syndrome (FASS),” Animal Care Center, Yonkers, New York; Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists, Houston; VetMED Emergency and Specialty Hospital, Phoenix
  • VCT24005779: “Pharmacokinetics of compounded chlorambucil in cats with lymphoma,” Colorado State University.

A version of this story appears in the May 2024 print issue of JAVMA