Carlson chosen as next AVMA president-elect

Dr. Jennifer Quammen is 2022-24 AVMA vice president after uncontested election

Dr. Rena Carlson, a former AVMA Board of Directors chair, won the race for 2022-23 AVMA president-elect at AVMA Convention 2022 in Philadelphia on July 29 against Dr. Grace Bransford, a former AVMA vice president.

Dr. Carlson, a 1989 veterinary graduate of Washington State University, received a majority of votes from the AVMA House of Delegates. She will succeed Dr. Lori Teller as AVMA president next summer during AVMA Convention 2023 in Denver.

Later in the day, Dr. Carlson gave her acceptance speech to the HOD. She was joined by her husband, Brad Lammers.

Dr. Carlson and husband, Brad
Dr. Rena Carlson was elected 2022-23 AVMA president-elect on July 29 by the AVMA House of Delegates.

“There are so many challenges, but we have so many opportunities and I’m very excited to help with each challenge,” she said. “It’s an honor to work with the Board of Directors, with the House of Delegates, and with AVMA staff and really support and advance the important initiatives they are working on.

“I always say I’m standing on the shoulders of giants that have come before me and have built such an amazing, strong Association. I’ll do my best to continue that legacy and I’ll do my best to build and grow that foundation.”

In 1993, Dr. Carlson became co-owner of Alpine Animal Hospital in Pocatello, Idaho, which grew into a mixed animal practice employing six practitioners. At the same time, she also held a part-time position in academia as the attending veterinarian in the AAALAC International–accredited research facility at Idaho State University.

In addition to keeping up with her busy working schedule and raising two sons with Brad, Dr. Carlson started volunteering as a leader in veterinary organizations. She has held numerous positions with the Eastern Idaho VMA and Idaho VMA. She served in the AVMA HOD as the Idaho alternate delegate and delegate for 10 years. Dr. Carlson served on the AVMA Board from 2014-20, with her final year on the Board as chair.

Dr. Carlson sold her practice in 2018 and has since worked as a relief veterinarian as well as a general practice mentor for National Veterinary Associates. She will spend the coming year as AVMA president-elect.

Dr. Quammen
Dr. Jennifer Quammen

Dr. Jennifer Quammen was elected as the 2022-24 AVMA vice president. She was the sole candidate for the position.

Dr. Quammen is a 2011 veterinary graduate of The Ohio State University and an alumna of the AVMA Future Leaders Program. She has served on a number of AVMA entities, including the Council on Veterinary Service, the Practice Advisory Panel, and the Veterinary Economics Strategy Committee.

She asked in her acceptance speech before the HOD in Philadelphia: “How do we encourage and improve the well-being of ourselves, our students, our technicians, and our programs overall? And, really, how do we ultimately help more patients and more clients? Those are things that are near and dear to me.”

She added, “I would like to say thanks so much, and I’m looking forward to a great couple of years.”

A version of this article appears in the September 2022 print issue of JAVMA.