Joint pathology meeting

Published on March 14, 2018
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Dr. La Perle
Dr. Krista La Perle
Dr. Barger
Dr. Anne Barger
Dr. Behling-Kelly
Dr. Erica Behling-Kelly
Dr. Caudill
Dr. Megan Caudill


Dr. Pei-Hua Chu
Dr. Candice Pei-Hua Chu
Dr. Lucidi
Dr. Cynthia Lucidi

Event: American College of Veterinary Pathologists, American Society for Veterinary Clinical Pathology, joint annual meetings, Nov. 4-8, 2017, Vancouver, British Columbia
Program: The ACVP program included pre- and post-meeting workshops, mini symposiums, joint plenary sessions, scientific sessions, and specialty group sessions. The ASVCP held pre-meeting workshops, and scientific, educational, and clinical sessions.

American College of Veterinary Pathologists

Awards: Young Investigator Award, category of diagnostic pathology, First place: Drs. Lauren W. Stranahan, Quinci Plumlee, and Laura K. Bryan, Texas A&M University, for "Rhodococcus equi infection in goats: Characterization of virulence plasmid phenotype"; Second place: Drs. Margaret E. Martinez, Katie Seeley, Dawn Zimmerman, Priya Bapodra, and Rachel Cianciolo, The Ohio State University, for "Systemic amyloidosis in a captive population of pronghorn antelope (Antilocapra americana)"; and Third place: Drs. Krystal J. Vail, Tasha Likavec, Philippa Gibbons, and Raquel Rech, Texas A&M University, for " Xanthine nephrolithiasis in a goat." Category of natural disease, First place: Drs. Candice P. Chu and Mary B. Nabity, Texas A&M University, for "Small RNA-SEQ evaluation of microRNAs during disease progression in kidney biopsies from dogs with x-linked hereditary nephropathy"; Second place: Drs. Mason C. Jager, Jennifer K. Grenier, Erica A. Sloma, and Andrew D. Miller, Cornell University, for "RNA-SEQ transcriptome analysis of formalin-fixed paraffin embedded canine glioma"; and Third place: Dr. Lauren Harris, Kelly Hughes, Dr. E.J. Ehrhart, Janna Yoshimoto, Robert Burnette, and Dr. Anne Avery, Colorado State University, for "Gene expression profiling identifies canine CD4+ T-cell lymphoma as a naturally occurring model of an aggressive subset of human peripheral T-cell lymphoma not otherwise specified." Category of experimental disease, First place: Drs. Travis K. Meuten and Douglas H. Thamm, Colorado State University, for "Evaluation of efficacy of dual P13K/AKT/MTOR pathway inhibition in canine osteosarcoma cells in vitro and a xenograft mouse model"; Second place: Drs. Natalie Wall Fowlkes, Dominique Townsend, Brent Stanfield, Paul Rider, Vladimir Chouljenko, Rafiq Nabi, Ramesh Subramanian, Michael Mathis, and Konstantin Kousoulas, Louisiana State University, for "A synegeneic immunocompetent double-labeled B16F10 murine melanoma model for efficacy and safety testing of oncolytic virotherapy using the HSV-1 VC2 live-attenuated vaccine strain"; and Third place: Drs. Jessica S. Fortin, Chady H. Hakim, Scott Korte, Gayle C. Johnson, and Dongsheng Duan, University of Missouri, for "Widespread severe myodegeneration in a homozygous female dog with dystrophin deficiency;" Category of industrial and toxicologic pathology, First place: Drs. Shan K. Naidu, Brent Stanfield, Nithya Jambunathan, Nagarjuna Cheemarla, Vladimir Chouljenko, Renee T. Carter, Ingeborg Langohr, and Konstantin G. Kousoulas, Louisiana State University, for "Vaccination of mice with VC2, a novel mutant strain of herpes simplex virus 1, protects against ocular herpesviral infection." Student Poster Award, clinical cases, First place: Kai S. Moore, Dr. Nicole Nemeth, Thisuri Eagalle, Dr. Hugues Beaufrere, Dr. Leonardo Susta, and Dr. Csaba Varga, University of Guelph, for "Neoplastic diseases in captive psittacine birds submitted to the Ontario Veterinary College"; Second place: Drs. Ashley E. Saver, Cory R. Hanks, Marigold E. Ernst, and Geoffrey K. Saunders, Virginia Tech, for "Canine cutaneous lymphoma with concurrent methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection"; and Third place: Caitlin Maureen Culligan and Dr. Kim Newkirk, University of Tennessee, for "Blackleg: A retrospective study of the frequency of cardiac lesions in fatal cases of clostridial myositis." Experimental disease, First Place: Kerry Ann Goldin, Dr. Jessica Lawrence, Dr. Angela M. Craig, Dr. Clara Ferreira, Dr. Luke Hoeppner, and Dr. Davis Seelig, University of Minnesota, for "Sorafenib treatment in a novel mouse model of acute radiation-induced dermatitis"; Second place: Betsy A. Pray and Dr. Abigail Durke, Purdue University, for "Developing a novel porcine model of laryngopharyngeal reflux disease"; and Third place: Latasha Ludwig, Dr. Emily Brouwer, Dr. Courtney Schott, Dr. Alicia Viloria-Petit, and Dr. Geoffrey Wood, University of Guelph, for "Erb-B2 receptor tyrosine kinase 2 (ERBB2/HER2) antibody specificity in canine mammary tumours and osteosarcomas." Society of Toxicologic Pathology Student and Resident Poster Award: Colby Klein, Dr. Sophie Derveau, Ivanna Kozii, Sarah Wood, Roman Koziy, Ihor Dyvyluk, and Dr. Elemir Simko, University of Saskatchewan, for "Histologic characterization of testicular development of apis mellifera drones during sexual maturation." ACVP–American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians Diagnostic Pathology Travel Award: Drs. Allison M. Watson, A.C. Cushing, J.D. Sheldon, E. Anis, R.P. Wilkes, E.J. Dubovi, and L.E. Craig, University of Tennessee, for "Characterization of natural canine distemper virus infection in five adult Linnaeus's two-toed sloths." Best Poster Award: Zachary S. Croslin, Dr. James H. Meinkoth, Dr. Laura A. Nafe, and Dr. Rebecca S. Tims, Oklahoma State University, for "Vegetative endocarditis as a cause of septic polyarthritis in a dog." Harold W. Casey Memorial Scholarship: Dr. Bonnie Harrington, The Ohio State University. William Inskeep II Memorial Scholarship: Dana Hill, Colorado State University. Presidential Award: Wendy Coe (posthumously); Allan Cohen, PhD, Athens, Georgia; and Dr. Julie Webb, Markham, Ontario. The ACVP elected Drs. John Cullen, Raleigh, North Carolina, and Victor E.O. "Ted" Valli, Visalia, California, as distinguished members, and Dr. Joe Kornegay, College Station, Texas, as an honorary member.
Officials: Drs. Krista La Perle, Columbus, Ohio, president; Dorothee Bienzle, Guelph, Ontario, president-elect; Mark Ackermann, Ames, Iowa, secretary-treasurer; Anne Barger, Urbana, Illinois, immediate past president; and councilors—Drs. Susan Tornquist, Corvallis, Oregon; Karen Terio, Maywood, Illinois; Kirstin Barnhart, Chicago; and Jerry Ritchey, Stillwater, Oklahoma

American Society for Veterinary Clinical Pathology

Awards: Lifetime Achievement Award: Dr. Dennis DeNicola, North Grafton, Massachusetts, for contributions to the advancement of veterinary clinical pathology. A 1978 graduate of the Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine and a diplomate of the ACVP, Dr. DeNicola has served as chief veterinary educator at Idexx Laboratories in North Grafton since 2002. Prior to that, he was a professor of veterinary clinical pathology at Purdue University. Educator Award: Dr. Anne Barger, Urbana, Illinois, for her contributions and dedication to clinical pathology education. A 1996 graduate of the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine and a diplomate and immediate past president of the ACVP, Dr. Barger is a clinical professor of pathobiology and assistant director of the veterinary diagnostic laboratory at the veterinary college. She directs the UIUC clinical pathology residency program and chairs the ACVP Examination Committee. Early Career Award: Dr. Erica Behling-Kelly, Ithaca, New York, was the inaugural recipient of this award, given to ASVCP members in the early stages of their careers who show exceptional promise in the discipline of veterinary clinical pathology through efforts in research, diagnostic service, teaching, or service to the society. A 2002 graduate of the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine and a diplomate of the ACVP, Dr. Behling-Kelly is an associate professor in the Department of Population Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. Share the Future Research Grant Award ($2,500): Dr. Megan Caudill, University of Georgia, for "Comparison of serum vs. EDTA-plasma in canine crossmatch reactions." Young Investigator Award: Dr. Candice Pei-Hua Chu, Texas A&M University, for "Comparison of methods for preparation of biofluids in dogs for small RNA sequencing," and Dr. Cynthia Lucidi, University of Wisconsin-Madison, for "Increased IgG and phosphatidylserine on marrow erythroid precursors of dogs with precursor-targeted immune-mediated anemia and on blood RBCs of dogs with immune-mediated hemolytic anemia."
Officials: Drs. Kurt Zimmermann, Blacksburg, Virginia, president; Julie Webb, Markham, Ontario, president-elect; Mark Johnson, College Station, Texas, secretary; Melinda Camus, Athens, Georgia, secretary-elect; Sarah Beatty, Gainesville, Florida, treasurer; Lindsay Tomlinson, Cambridge, Massachusetts, immediate past president; and board members—Drs. Sharon Dial, Tucson, Arizona; Amy MacNeill, Fort Collins, Colorado; and Laura Snyder, Waukesha, Wisconsin