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Dr. Lee
Dr. Molly Lee
Dr. Scharko
Dr. Patty Scharko
Dr. Bickett-Weddle
Dr. Danelle Bickett-Weddle

Event: Annual meeting, Oct. 14, 2017, San Diego
Program: The association planned and sponsored the 13th annual Applied Animal and Public Health Research Symposium held in conjunction with the meeting.
Awards: AAEV Student Travel Award: Dr. Molly Lee, Ames, Iowa, was the inaugural recipient of this award. She was recognized for her abstract "Excellence in exhibition: Preventing disease in animal and people" and presented it at the symposium.
Officials: Drs. Patty Scharko, Clemson, South Carolina, president; Danelle Bickett-Weddle, Ames, Iowa, vice president; Jenee Odani, Honolulu, secretary; Carla Huston, Mississippi State, Mississippi, treasurer; and John Wenzel, Silver City, New Mexico, immediate past president