SCAVMAs in Ariz., Tenn. receive charters

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Veterinary students at Midwestern University in Arizona and Lincoln Memorial University in Tennessee received their charters as new student chapters of the AVMA.

Students at the Lincoln Memorial University College of Veterinary Medicine receive a charter for their SCAVMA from Dr. Rebecca Stinson (second right), AVMA vice president. (Photo by Dr. Anna Reddish)

The Midwestern chapter received its charter April 6, and the Lincoln chapter received its charter April 21. More than 80 percent of veterinary students at each school have joined the chapters, giving each chapter a vote in the Student AVMA House of Delegates.

Midwestern’s SCAVMA chapter has 97 inaugural members, and Lincoln’s has 85. They are the 34th and 35th SCAVMA chapters, 30 of which are in the U.S. and five of which are at international schools.

In January, the AVMA Board of Directors had approved recognition of both chapters.

Two years ago, the AVMA Council on Education granted both universities notice that they can expect future accreditation for their developing veterinary colleges, provided they follow presented plans. Midwestern University College of Veterinary Medicine, which is in Glendale, Ariz., received its notice in May 2013, and Lincoln Memorial University College of Veterinary Medicine, which is in Harrogate, Tenn., received its notice in July 2013.

Dr. Derrick D. Hall (left), lead assistant director for student initiatives for AVMA, hands a SCAVMA charter to Dr. Brian Sidaway, dean of the Midwestern University College of Veterinary Medicine. (Photo by Dr. Caroline Cantner)

The following are the Midwestern University chapter’s inaugural officers: Amirah Nasr, president; Tiffany Riddle, president-elect; Leigh Ann Howard, secretary; and Leeann Coddington, treasurer.

And the following are the Lincoln Memorial chapter’s inaugural officers: Taylor McConnell, president; Kelly Murphy, vice president; Kerri Haider, president-elect; Meredith Rice, vice president–elect; Kristin Sadler, treasurer; and Sunny Pan, secretary and treasurer-elect.