Association advocates ‘one health’ to White House

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The AVMA sent a letter to the White House in March advocating a one-health approach in addressing zoonotic diseases.

The letter from AVMA President Ted Cohn follows up on a similar letter from seven U.S. senators to President Obama in February (see JAVMA, April 15, 2015).

The one-health concept is that human, animal, and ecosystem health intertwine to make “one health.” The one-health approach involves collaboration among the health professions and relevant associated disciplines.

Dr. Cohn writes: “As the human population continues to increase and expand across the world, the interconnection of people, animals, and our environment becomes ever more significant and impactful. Our role as veterinarians is not only to keep animals healthy, but also to work hand-in-hand with local, national, and global public health and environmental experts. Such interaction enables us to ask the right questions and to conduct the most appropriate research, so that together, we can most successfully advance the science and technology on this vital issue. By increasing the awareness, knowledge, and understanding of the interdependency of the health of humans and animals, and the environment, our nation’s leaders can begin to take proactive steps to better protect Americans from zoonotic diseases and other biological threats, support our agricultural economy, and preserve the environment for generations to come.”

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