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The AVMA Executive Board recently named the following individuals to the entities indicated, representing the designated areas. The duration of each term varies.  

Animal Welfare Committee 

Humane or animal welfare organization, alternate—Dr. Rebecca Rhoades, Deland, Fla.; American Association of Bovine Practitioners, alternate—Dr. Jan Shearer, Ames, Iowa; American Animal Hospital Association, alternate—Dr. Jennafer Glaesemann, Fairbury, Neb.; American Association of Avian Pathologists—Dr. Michael Martin, Cary, N.C.; AAAP, alternate—Dr. Kate Barger, Davidson, N.C.; American Association of Equine Practitioners, alternate—Dr. Clara Mason, Winfield, W.Va.; Zoo and wildlife medicine—Dr. Julia Napier, Omaha, Neb.; Zoo and wildlife medicine, alternate—Dr. Julie Langenberg, Baraboo, Wis.; American Association of Feline Practitioners—Dr. Paula Monroe, Chouteau, Okla.; AAFP, alternate—Dr. Nancy Suska, Alexandria, Va.; Aquatic animal medicine, alternate—Dr. Donald Stremme, Cape May Beach, N.J.; American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners—Dr. Cindy Wolf, St. Paul, Minn.; AASRP, alternate—Dr. Sarah Lowry, Lockport, N.Y.; Association of Avian Veterinarians—Dr. Elizabeth Mackey, Watkinsville, Ga.; American Association of Swine Veterinarians—Dr. Michelle Sprague, Audubon, Iowa; AASW, alternate—Dr. Angela Baysinger, Bruning, Neb.; Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges, alternate—Dr. Emily McCobb, Hudson, Mass.; American Society of Laboratory Animal Practitioners, alternate—Dr. Leanne Alworth, Athens, Ga.

Aquatic Veterinary Medicine Committee 

Diagnostic services (academic, private, or government diagnostic laboratory)—Dr. Kevin Snekvik, Palouse, Wash.; State or federal regulatory veterinary medicine—Dr. Myron Kebus, Madison, Wis.; Aquatic animal conservation medicine (wildlife, zoo, aquarium, marine mammals)—Dr. James Wilson, Logan, Utah 

AVMA Group Health & Life Insurance Trust

At large—Drs. James Brandt, Nokomis, Fla., and James Peddie, Ventura, Calif.

AVMA Political Action Committee Policy Board

Area 3, Western states—Dr. Eva Evans, Las Vegas


At large—Dr. Kent McClure, Round Hill, Va.

Clinical Practitioners Advisory Committee

Aquaculture and seafood medicine—Dr. David Starling, Ames, Iowa; American Association of Bovine Practitioners, alternate—Dr. Angela Daniels, Dalhart, Texas; American Association of Feline Practitioners—Dr. Colleen Currigan, Chicago; AAFP, alternate—Dr. Susan Gogolski, San Antonio; American Association of Equine Practitioners—Dr. Craig Barnett, Paola, Kan.; AAEP, alternate—Dr. Cara Wright, Sarasota, Fla.; American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners—Dr. J. Chris Duemler, Brodhead, Wis.; American Association of Swine Veterinarians—Dr. James Kober, Holland, Mich.; AASV, alternate—Dr. Todd Williams, Ottumwa, Iowa

Committee on Disaster and Emergency Issues

Uniformed services—Dr. Kristina McElroy, Jefferson City, Mo.; Food animal practice—Dr. Matthew Edson, Mount Holly, N.J.; Poultry medicine—Dr. Jarra Jagne, Ithaca, N.Y.

Committee on Environmental Issues

Aquatic medicine—Dr. Ilze Berzins, Minneapolis

Committee on International Veterinary Affairs

Council on Education—Drs. L. Garry Adams, College Station, Texas, and John Pascoe, Winters, Calif.

Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities

Veterinary technicians—Kelsie Dolezal, Chicago, and Anna Headrick, Wheaton, Ill.; clinical veterinary medicine, large animal—Dr. Martha Mallicote, Micanopy, Fla.

Early Career Development Committee

Recent graduates—Drs. Will McCauley, Charlotte, N.C., and Doreen Turner, Bourbonnais, Ill.; American Society of Veterinary Medical Association Executives—Charlene Wandzilak, Hummelstown, Pa.

Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates

Canadian National Examining Board—Dr. Nicole Gallant, Summerside, Prince Edward Island; Council on Education—Dr. Ronald Gill, West Salem, Ill.

Food Safety Advisory Committee

American Association of Extension Veterinarians—Dr. Robert Wills, Starkville, Miss.; AAEV, alternate—Dr. Kerry Rood, Providence, Utah; American Association of Bovine Practitioners, alternate—Dr. William McBeth, Morgantown, Pa.; American Association of Swine Veterinarians, alternate—Dr. Brad Leuwerke, Janesville, Minn.; American Association of Avian Pathologists, alternate—Dr. Charles Hofacre, Athens, Ga.

Legislative Advisory Committee

American Association of Avian Pathologists, alternate—Dr. Bruce Stewart-Brown, Salisbury, Md.; American Association of Bovine Practitioners—Dr. Cary Christensen, Overland Park, Kan.; American Association of Food Safety Veterinarians—Dr. Michael Gilsdorf, Sykesville, Md.; AAFSV, alternate—Dr. Rex Holt, Hoschton, Ga.; Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges—Dr. Deborah Kochevar, North Grafton, Mass.; AAVMC, alternate—Dr. James Thompson, Knoxville, Tenn.

Member Services Committee

Recent graduates—Dr. Lindsey Hornickel, St. Paul, Minn.; private clinical practice—Dr. Kenneth Greiner, Elbow Lake, Minn.; Academic veterinary medicine—Dr. Willie Reed, West Lafayette, Ind.

State Advocacy Committee

Area 3, Western states—Dr. Richard Sullivan, Torrance, Calif.; American Society of Veterinary Medical Association Executives—Michelle Wagner, Reno, Nev.

Veterinary Economics Strategy Committee

At large—Drs. Mark Olcott, Frederick, Md.; Roger Saltman, Cazenovia, N.Y.; and Link Welborn, Tampa, Fla.

AVMA director of international affairs

Dr. René Carlson, Chetek, Wis.

Liaison representatives

American National Standards Institute Accredited Standard Committee Z136 for the Safe Use of Lasers (ANSI ASC Z-136)—Dr. Kenneth Sullins, Leesburg, Va.; National Coalition for Food and Agriculture Research—Dr. Michael Newman, Decatur, Ala.; European Board of Veterinary Specialties—Dr. Robert Murtaugh, Huntington Beach, Calif.