Idexx drops distribution arrangement after FTC charges

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Idexx Laboratories Inc. has dropped an arrangement with MWI Veterinary Supply Inc. for MWI to carry Idexx diagnostic products exclusively, resolving charges by the Federal Trade Commission that Idexx was using exclusive arrangements with distributors to stifle competition. 

Idexx is the largest U.S. supplier of diagnostic products for small animal veterinarians. The company agreed to a settlement order that prohibits concurrent exclusive distribution arrangements with three top distributors of diagnostic products for small animal veterinarians. The order became final in February.
According to the FTC complaint, Idexx used its dominant market power to reduce competition by threatening to drop distributors if they carried products from other companies that compete with Idexx products. 

Jonathan Ayers, Idexx chairman and chief executive officer, said, “While we admit no wrongdoing and continue to believe that our distribution practices did not violate the antitrust laws, this marks final resolution of the multiyear FTC investigation.”