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American College of Zoological Medicine

Dr. Drew
Dr. Mark Drew
Dr. Larsen
Dr. R. Scott Larsen

Event: Annual meeting, Oct. 23, Kansas City, Mo.
Awards: ACZM Manuscript Award: Dr. Peter A. Black, St. Louis, for "Pharmacokinetics of tramadol hydrochloride and its metabolite O-desmethyltramadol in peafowl (Pavo cristatus)." President's Award: Drs. Randall Junge, St. Louis, and Ray Wack, Fairfield, Calif., were honored for their service to the college.
New diplomates: Seven diplomates completed the requirements for board certification by the ACZM in 2011. The new diplomates are as follows:

Matt Allender, Urbana, Ill.
Gretchen Cole, Indianapolis
Maya Kummrow, Hannover, Germany
David McLelland, Adelaide, Australia
Debbie Myers, Gainesville, Fla.
Javier Nevarez, Zachary, La.
Karen Wolf, Olympia, Wash.

Officials: Drs. Mark Drew, Caldwell, Idaho, president; R. Scott Larsen, Denver, vice president; Sharon Deem, St. Louis, secretary; Greg Fleming, Lake Buena Vista, Fla., treasurer; and Craig Harms, Morehead City, N.C., immediate past president

Veterinary emergency, critical care groups hold symposium

Dr. Burkett
Dr. Dennis Burkett
Dr. Muir III
Dr. William Muir III
Dr. Magdesian
Dr. K. Gary Magdesian
Dr. Cook
Dr. Vanessa Cook


Dr. Thomas
Dr. Emily Thomas
Dr. Wilson
Dr. Helen Wilson
Dr. Wiese
Dr. Ashley Wiese
Dr. Congdon
Dr. Jonathan Congdon


Dr. Reilly
Dr. Sabrina Reilly
Dr. Thawley
Dr. Vince Thawley
Suzanne Jacoby
Suzanne Jacoby
Dr. Meyer
Dr. Robert Meyer


Dr. Pypendop
Dr. Bruce Pypendop

Event: 17th International Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Symposium, Sept. 14-18, Nashville
Program: This year's symposium, conducted jointly by the Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Society, American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care, and Academy of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Technicians, drew 1,709 veterinarians, 807 veterinary technicians, 100 students, and 58 practice managers, representing 23 countries. The focus was the role of the gastrointestinal tract in emergency and critical care. More than 450 hours of continuing education were offered. A special session titled "RECOVER" was held, summarizing research on cardiopulmonary-cerebral resuscitation that was conducted by a broad-based team headed by Drs. Dan Fletcher and Manu Boller. The session was intended to culminate in a consensus statement on CPCR. The symposium also served as the venue for the annual meetings of the Academy of Veterinary Technician Anesthetists, Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Foundation, and American College of Veterinary Anesthesiologists. For the first time, the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management also met at the symposium. Vinay Nadkarni, MD, presented the Robert P. Knowles Memorial Keynote Lecture on CPR and resuscitation in 2020 and traced the advances that have led to improved outcomes. He also discussed the role of veterinary medicine in resuscitation research and what the future may bring as veterinarians and health care providers collaborate to effect change. Dr. Nadkarni is associate professor of anesthesiology and critical care at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. He also serves as endowed chair of pediatric critical care medicine at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.
Awards: Ira M. Zaslow Distinguished Service Award: Dr. Dennis Burkett, Newtown, Pa., for his contributions to the VECCS and to the specialty of emergency and critical care medicine. A past president of the VECCS, Dr. Burkett is the founder of the Animal Critical Care and Specialty Group at the Veterinary Referral Center Hospital in Malvern, Pa. He is a diplomate of the ACVECC and the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (cardiology). Hill's Dr. Jack Mara ACVECC Achievement Award: Dr. William Muir III, New York, was honored for his work relating to resuscitation. Dr. Muir is chief medical officer for the Animal Medical Center in New York. Merck Animal Health Equine Emergency & Critical Care Educator of the Year: Dr. K. Gary Magdesian, Davis, Calif., for contributions as a lecturer and educator for the past several years at the IVECCS. Dr. Magdesian is an associate professor in the Department of Medicine and Epidemiology at the University of California-Davis. ACVECC Research Grant Award ($10,000): Dr. Vanessa Cook, Michigan State University, for "Does firocoxib mitigate endotoxemia in horses?" VECCF Research Grant Award ($8,274): Dr. Emily Thomas, University of Pennsylvania, for "The effect of oral prazosin on short-term outcome of feline urethral obstruction." Small Animal Resident Abstract Award, sponsored jointly by VECCS and ACVECC ($500 stipend): Dr. Helen Wilson, Royal Veterinary College, University of London, for "The effect of dog food on the adsorptive capacity of activated charcoal: An in vitro study." Large Animal Resident Abstract Award, sponsored by Mila International ($500 stipend): Dr. Ashley Houtsma, University of Illinois, for "Effect of low-dose lipopolysaccharide on pulmonary artery pressure and blood gas variables." ACVA Abstract Award, sponsored by Smiths Medical and Surgivet: First place—Dr. Ashley Wiese, University of California-Davis, for "Cardiovascular effects of dopamine and phenylepherine administration during isoflurane-induced hypotension in cats with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy"; Honorable mention—Drs. Jonathan Congdon, Colorado State University, for "Efficacy of psoas compartment femoral nerve block and parasacral sciatic nerve block in dogs presenting for pelvic limb amputation"; and Sabrina Reilly, University of Tennessee, for "Fentanyl decreases sevoflurane minimum alveolar concentration preventing motor movement (MACNM) in dogs without evidence of acute tolerance." Case Report Award ($300 stipend): Dr. Vince Thawley, University of Pennsylvania Matthew J. Ryan Veterinary Hospital, for "A bug in the brain?" Technician Case Report Award, sponsored by Pfizer Animal Health ($300 stipend): Suzanne Jacoby, Tufts University, for "10,000 killer bees vs Ruby the Rottie." Also recognized was Dr. M.J.P. Theelen, Utrecht, Netherlands, who won the European Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society's Small Animal Abstract Award for "Prevalence of bacteria isolated from septic foals, 1979-2010."

Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society

Business: Membership has increased by 200 since last year. The VECCS Ambassador Program is expanding and gaining momentum, with more than 75 members already signed on. There are plans to expand practice management at the IVECCS, create interactive communication with emergency practice managers, and explore development of other management resources for members. The Practice Standards and Guidelines are being updated, and a certification program with various levels is being considered.
Officials: Dr. Elke Rudloff, Glendale, Wis., president; Dr. Marie Kerl, Columbia, Mo., president-elect; Dr. Robert Messenger, Charlotte, N.C., treasurer; Andrea Battaglia, Ithaca, N.Y., recording secretary; Harold Davis, Davis, Calif., immediate past president; Dr. Gary Stamp, San Antonio, executive director; and members-at-large—Drs. Jim Clark, Novato, Calif., and Diana Hassel, Fort Collins, Colo.

American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care

Program: The ACVECC conducted its certification examination and held its annual business meeting.
New diplomates: Forty-four individuals passed the certification examination. They are as follows:

Amanda Abelson, Newton, Mass.
Katja Adamik, Düdingen, Switzerland
Lenore Bacek, Auburn, Ala.
Danielle Berube, Highlands, N.J.
Dorothy Black, College Station, Texas
Bradley Book, San Antonio
Ainsley Boudreau, Lansdowne, Ontario
Ryan Bragg, Lincolnwood, Ill.
Jennifer Campbell, Louisville, Colo.
Vivian Chiang, Westminster, Calif.
Bobbi Conner, Rochester Hills, Mich.
Terri Corona, Pittsburgh
Sarah Deitschel, Pittsburgh
Kira Epstein, Athens, Ga.
Melissa Fetner, Sacramento, Calif.
Daniel Foy, Golden, Colo.
Michele Frazer, Georgetown, Ky.
Brandi Garcia-Pereira, Peoria, Ariz.
Ryan Gershenson, Las Vegas
Sarah Gray, Ventura, Calif.
Tiffany Green, Heath, Texas
Samantha Hart, Kennett Square, Pa.
Christina Hewes, Lake Geneva, Wis.
Iain Keir, Welwyn, United Kingdom
Sigal Klainbart, Bet Elazary, Israel
Amy Koenigshof, Coloma, Mich.
Andrew Landerville, Plymouth, Mass.
Daniel Lewis, Penrith, United Kingdom
Julie Menard, Saint Germain en Laye, France
Andrea Monnig, Upper Arlington, Ohio
Jocelyn Patterson, New York
Marko Pipan, Velenje, Slovenia
Gary Puglia, Red Bank, N.J.
Erin Simmonds, Edmonton, Alberta
Stacy Simmonds, Arlington, Texas
Sara Snow, Farmington Hills, Mich.
Tanya Tag, Baltimore
Kelly Tart, Shoreview, Minn.
Meredith 't Hoen, Columbia, Mo.
Lynel Tocci, Jamaica Plain, Mass.
Jeffrey Todd, Minneapolis
Lindsay Vaughn, Franklin, Mass.
Kristin Welch, Charleston, S.C.
Page Yaxley, Holt, Mich.

Officials: Drs. Tim Hackett, Fort Collins, Colo., president; Liz Rozanski, North Grafton, Mass., president-elect; Benjamin Brainard, Athens, Ga., vice president; Scott Shaw, North Grafton, Mass., treasurer; Dennis Burkett, Newtown, Pa., immediate past president; Armelle de Laforcade, North Grafton, Mass., executive secretary; and regents—Drs. Chris Byers, Omaha, Neb.; Jen Waldrop, Woburn, Mass.; Alisa Reniker, Chandler, Ariz.; Justine Johnson, East Greenwich, R.I.; Barb Dallap-Schaer, Kennett Square, Pa.; and Rebecca Syring, Levittown, Pa.

Academy of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Technicians

Program: The 14th certification examination was conducted. The academy also held a pinning ceremony and reception for the class of 2010.
Business: A new booth was designed and unveiled at the IVECCS. The academy plans to reinvent its brochure over the coming year and publish a new version of the AVECCT Study Guide in early 2012.
Officials: Rene Scalf, Fort Collins, Colo., president; Andrea Steele, Guelph, Ontario, president-elect; Brandy Terry, Malverne, Pa., treasurer; Angela Randels, Chandler, Ariz., executive secretary; Elisa Petrollini, Philadelphia, immediate past president; and regents—Dee Dee Schumacher, Ankeny, Iowa; Jessica Davis, Cincinnati; and Amy Breton, Tewsbury, Mass.

American College of Veterinary Anesthesiologists

Program: Forty-four abstracts were presented. Gastrointestinal physiology and pharmacology of anesthetics, gas-troesophageal reflux, and management of anesthesia for laparoscopy were the topics of the special focus session. Lectures explored anesthesia for patients with gastric dilatation-volvulus, postoperative ileus, and gastrointestinal concerns associated with pain management. Speakers addressed anesthesia for gastrointestinal endoscopy, management and prevention of hypothermia, anesthesia for cesarean section, and local blocks for equine dental procedures. Labs were held on small animal local anesthetic techniques and advanced anesthetic monitoring.
New diplomates: Ten new diplomates were welcomed into the ACVA. They are as follows:

Jordyn Boesch, Urbana, Ill.
Alex Bukoski, Columbia, Mo.
Amandeep Chohan, Pulman, Wash.
Jonathan Congdon, Waukesha, Wis.
Kristen Messenger, Raleigh, N.C.
Yukari Miyake, Tokyo
Juan Pavez, Davis, Calif.
Carrie Schroeder, Madison, Wis.
Paulo Steagall, Guelph, Ontario
Ashley Wiese, San Diego

Business: Discussions were held on adding "analgesia" to the name of the college, prerequisites for residency training, amendments to the constitution and bylaws, changes to examination procedures, recertification, and support of the 2012 World Congress of Veterinary Anesthesia.
Officials: Drs. Robert Meyer, Mississippi State, Miss., president; Bruno Pypendop, Davis, Calif., president-elect; David Martin, Richland, Mich., immediate past president; and Lydia Donaldson, Middleburg, Va., executive secretary

Academy of Veterinary Technician Anesthetists

Program: The certification examination was conducted. Anesthesia-related lectures, an informational session, and a lab titled "Advanced anesthesia skills for the veterinary technician" were provided.
Business: Discussions were held about the recertification and examination processes, the introduction of a new online application packet, and plans for moving forward in the coming year. Committee reports were presented.
Officials: Susan Bryant, Southbridge, Mass., president; Darci Palmer, Auburn, Ala., president-elect; Sharon Johnston, Statham, Ga., immediate past president; Lynette DeGouff, Cortland, N.Y., treasurer; Kimberly Lockhead, Grafton, Mass., executive secretary; and members-at-large—Trish Farry, Brisbane, Australia; Christine Slowiak, Livermore, Calif.; and Lindsey Scanson, Louisville, Ky.

Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Foundation

Program: The foundation partnered with local fire and police departments, animal rescue organizations, and animal welfare groups to conduct training on first aid and animal medical support during disasters. The training included lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on-training and was attended by more than 60 first responders from Nashville and surrounding areas. A silent auction was held, raising almost $8,500 for designated projects.
Officials: Drs. Bill Smith, Seale, Ala., president; Deborah Silverstein, Philadelphia, secretary; and Gary Stamp, San Antonio, treasurer-administrator

International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management

Program: The academy coordinated several pain management sessions. Dr. Sheilah Robertson presented a half-day session on the recognition and treatment of pain in cats. Dr. Charlie Short conducted an early-bird presentation on the past, present, and future of pain management from the human and veterinary perspectives. An interactive workshop on comprehensive pain management in primary care settings was held. A certification workshop was held to present information and answer questions on the academy's Certified Veterinary Pain Practitioner designation.
Business: Discussions were held on the ongoing strategic planning process.
Officials: Dr. Mark Epstein, Gastonia, N.C., president; Dr. Mike Petty, Canton, Mich., president-elect; Patricia Zehna, Monterey, Calif., treasurer; Mary Ellen Goldberg, Boynton Beach, Fla., executive secretary; and Dr. Robert Stein, Snyder, N.Y., immediate past president

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