AAHA releases guidelines on diabetes treatment

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The America Animal Hospital Association has released guidelines for the management of diabetes mellitus in cats and dogs.

The introduction states, in part, "Treatment of DM is a combination of art and science, due in part to the many factors that affect the diabetic state and the animal's response. Each animal needs individualized, frequent reassessment, and treatment may be modified based on response."

The first section of the guidelines covers diagnostic criteria and initial assessment for diabetes. The bulk of the document addresses treatment for diabetes, with details about initial and ongoing treatment and monitoring of cats and dogs. Other sections provide additional information about blood glucose concentration, troubleshooting, and client education.

"Important differences exist between the development of canine and feline DM, and understanding these differences will help predict management success," according to the summary section. "The recommendations made in this manuscript are intended to guide medical decisions and treatment choices, with the recognition that within each animal, variations in response will exist and no two cases are alike."

The Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association published the guidelines in the May/June issue.