Veterinarians rate high on honesty, ethics

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Americans continue to regard veterinarians highly, with the profession ranking third for honesty and ethics among 23 occupations in a recent Gallup poll.

About 71 percent of survey respondents rated the honesty and ethical standards of veterinarians as high or very high. About 84 percent said the same for nurses, and about 73 percent for pharmacists. Physicians and dentists followed veterinarians—at 69 percent and 62 percent, respectively.

Not all medical professionals did so well. Only 38 percent of survey respondents rated the honesty and ethics of psychiatrists as high or very high, and about 36 percent said the same for chiropractors.

Car salespeople were at the bottom of the list of occupations. Just above them were (in ascending order) advertisers, managers of health maintenance organizations, insurance salespeople, and congressional representatives.

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Survey question: Please tell me how you would rate the honesty and ethical standards of people in these different fields—very high, high, average, low, or very low?

Profession Very high/high
Nurses 84%
Druggists or pharmacists 73%
Veterinarians 71%
Medical doctors 69%
Dentists 62%
Engineers 61%
College teachers 58%
Clergy 58%
Policemen 54%
Psychiatrists 38%
Bankers 37%
Chiropractors 36%
Journalists 26%
State governors 22%
Business executives 18%
Lawyers 18%
Stockbrokers 17%
Senators 15%
Congressmen 14%
Insurance salesmen 13%
HMO managers 12%
Advertising practitioners 11%
Car salesmen 7%