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Posted Oct, 5, 2005

Nominations are invited for 72 vacancies on AVMA entities and 16 liaison positions. The House of Delegates will fill council openings when it meets in July 2006 in Hawaii. The Executive Board will make liaison and committee appointments at its April 2006 meeting.

Nominating materials for councils—including instructions for publishing candidates in the 2006 Campaign Guide—were sent in August to AVMA delegates and chief staff officers of organizations represented in the HOD. Others may obtain nomination forms on the AVMA Web site, or by calling AVMA headquarters at (800) 248-2862, Ext. 6651 for councils, Ext. 6605 for committees. 

For councils

The AVMA is currently seeking nominations to fill 11 council vacancies. In accordance with the provisions of Article V, Sections 9 and 10, of the AVMA Bylaws, nominations are invited for each of the council memberships to be acted on at the annual meeting in July 2006. Nominations shall be made by organizations represented in the House of Delegates, or by petition of 10 active members. 

Council nominations must be postmarked by Feb. 1, 2006, and sent to Dr. Bruce W. Little, AVMA executive vice president. Nominators should use the proscribed nomination form versus sending résumés or other biographic information to ensure that nominations will not be invalidated because the information supplied is incomplete.

The nomination form includes the following:

  • Name of the council
  • Professional category to be represented
  • Identification of nominee
  • Name
  • Complete address and telephone numbers
  • Veterinary school and year of graduation
  • Academic degrees and specialty board certification
  • Present professional activity
  • Statement indicating that the nominee is an AVMA member active in the professional area, if any, specified for the position and has agreed to serve, if elected
  • Name of the nominating organization, which must be represented in the HOD, and the signature and title of its executive officer or an officer who is an AVMA member; or the signatures of 10 AVMA member-petitioners
  • Signature of nominee
  • Date

Council members' terms are six years, and no council member may serve two consecutive terms on the same council. For this purpose, terms of three years or less will not be counted. No member may serve simultaneously in the HOD and on a council, or on two councils. A former council member may become eligible for election to a council at the next annual session after the end of a previous term on a council. The Bylaws also require that nominees be professionally active in the appropriate area, if an area is specified in the vacancy.

AVMA guidelines for council nominations further stipulate the following:

  • Nominations must be signed by an officer of the nominating organization
  • A nominee will not be eligible to be a candidate for more than one council per year
  • A candidate will not be permitted to change the category after the Feb. 1 nomination deadline  

For trusts, committees, and boards

Nominations are invited for each of the AVMA trust and committee members to be appointed by the Executive Board at its April 2006 meeting. These nominations should be postmarked no later than March 1, 2006, and sent to J. Karl Wise, PhD, AVMA associate executive vice president.

Nominations may be made by local or state veterinary associations, by allied groups represented in the House of Delegates, or by an AVMA member on that person's or another's behalf.

Each nomination must include a one- or two-page curriculum vitae and a statement that the nominee has agreed to serve, if appointed. Only the first two pages of lengthier curricula vitae that are submitted will be used.

Council   Professional category of vacancy   Individual whose term expires
Biologic and Therapeutic Agents   At-large   Mark D. Wood *
Education   Private clinical practice (two positions) (two members whose veterinary endeavor is exclusively private clinical practice)

Private food animal clinical practice (one member whose veterinary endeavor is exclusively food animal practice)

  Douglas G. Aspros
Reilly P. Gore

Samuel E. Strahm

Janver D. Krehbiel
Public Health and Regulatory Veterinary Medicine   Agricultural agencies   R. David Glauer
Communications   Private practice, predominantly food animal
  Richard F. Taylor
Gary A. Vroegindewey
Research   Private clinical practice (one member who is predominantly engaged in private clinical practice)   Michael E. Newman *
Veterinary Service   Private practice, exclusively small animal   Darrell M. Riffell
Judicial   No category specified   Charles D. Knecht
* Eligible for re-election
Predominantly - Means that 50 percent or more of the individual's professional activity is in the specified category
Exclusively - Means that 90 percent or more of the individual's professional activity is in the specified category
Committee or group   Term
Representing   Incumbents Nominees
Animal Welfare   3 2 Small animal practice
Humane or animal welfare organization
  Carol Ecker
* Thomas Lenz
Dan Parmer

* James Reynolds
Aquatic Veterinary Medicine   3 2 Nonveterinarian aquaculture production
Industrial veterinary medicine
  *Kevin Amos

Robert Armstrong

* Timothy Miller-Morgan
AVMA/ASVMAE   2   Executive Board
Executive Board
Executive Board
  Tracy Rhodes
* James Cook
* David McCrystle
* Leslie Grendahl
Clinical Practitioners Advisory   3
AAAP, delegate representative
AASV, alternate representative
  * Karen Grogan


Christopher Chase
Joseph Bertone
Convention Management and Program   3 3 DVM interactive labs
Poultry medicine
  * Kenneth Bartels
* John Glisson
Veterinary Technician Education and Activities   6 1 Veterinary technicians, nontechnician educators

Veterinary technicians, nontechnician educators

Council on Education
Laboratory animal medicine
  Susan Berryhill

Cherylann Gieske

Janver Krehbiel
Robert Taylor

Disaster and Emergency Issues   3 2 Committee on Environmental Issues
Federal or state public health agency
  * Murl Bailey

* James Watson
Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates   6 1 AAVMC   Philip Bushby  
Environmental Issues   3 2 AASRP
Government service
Veterinary ecology
Zoo and/or wildlife medicine
Aquatic Veterinary Medicine Committee
  Scott Haskell
Amy Krauss
Lawrence Firkins
* Bethany Grohs
* David Jessup
Paul Barrows

Robert Armstrong
Food Safety Advisory   3 2 IAAAM
  * Kathleen Hartman
* Elizabeth Krushinskie
* David Smith
Martin Warbington
Thomas Wetzell

Elizabeth Krushinskie
Human-Animal Bond   3 2 Zoo/aquatic/wildlife medicine   Jeffrey Boehm  
Legislative Advisory   3 2 Executive Board
ASLAP, alternate representative
AASV, alternate representative
AAEP, alternate representative
  Robert Hertzog
Rowland Kinkler
Gary Borkowski

Thomas Burkgren
Alan Scheidt

* Charles Hofacre
J. Clyde Johnson
Robert Lewis

Charles Hofacre
Member Services   3 2 Private clinical practice, practice owner
Private clinical practice, food animal
Honor roll members
  James Achorn


Harold Lange
PAC Policy Board   2 3 Area 1, House Advisory Committee appointment
Area 3, House Advisory Committee appointment
Area 2, Executive Board appointment
  * John de Jong

Dean Rice

* George Richards
Strategic Planning   3 1 Recent graduates
AVMA councils
  Dana Henderson
Fred Troutt
Veterinary Leadership Conference Planning   3 2 ASVMAE
  Beth Monte
* Michael Whitehair
GHLIT   4 3 Member-at-large   * Martha O'Rourke
Joan Johnson
PLIT   4 3 Member-at-large   * Thomas Little
* Lance Moxey
Note * Dr. Bailey eligible for two years. Term on CEI ends in 2008
if underlined, the organization nominates its representative
American Association of Laboratory Care International
American Feed Industry Association
Animal Health Institute
Association of Food/Drug Officials
Codex Committee on Residues Veterinary Drugs in Foods
Health Level Seven
National Johne's Working Group
Joint Subcommittee on Aquaculture Working Group for GA
Logical Observation Identifiers Names Codes
National Cattlemen's Beef Association
National Coalition for Food and Agriculture Research
National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy
Psittacosis Compendium
Rabies Compendium Committee NASPHV
US Animal Health Association
US Pharmacopeial Convention
Gerald Parker
David Hood
Kevin Hahn
David Glauer
Elizabeth Curry-Galvin
James Case
R. Glauer
Robert Armstrong
James Case
Arlyn Scherbenske
Elizabeth Sabin
William Folger
Mark Starr
John Schiltz
Tracy Rhodes
AAHA: American Animal Hospital Association   AAVMC: Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges
AAIV: American Association of Industrial Veterinarians   ASVMAE: American Society of Veterinary Medical Association Executives
AASRP: American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners   COBTA: Council on Biologic and Therapeutic Agents
ASLAP: American Society of Laboratory Animal Practitioners   COE: Council on Education
AASV: American Association of Swine Veterinarians   CVTEA: Council on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities
AAAP: American Association of Avian Pathologists   GHLIT: Group Health and Life Insurance Trust
AAFHV: American Association of Food Hygiene Veterinarians   NAVTA: National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America
AALC: Animal Agriculture Liaison Committee   NCVEI: National Commission on Veterinary Economic Issues
ACVPM: American College of Veterinary Preventive Medicine