Survey of veterinary infection control practices mailed to some AVMA members

Published on February 15, 2005
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The national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the AVMA are collaborating on a joint project titled Survey of Veterinary Infection Control Practices to canvass veterinarians about their use of infection control practices in clinical work.

Surveys were mailed to approximately 9,250 AVMA members in mid-February, and recipients were asked to return surveys in the preaddressed, postage-paid envelopes by March 15, 2005. Those who received a survey but have not yet returned it are encouraged to participate to help make the findings as representative as possible. Responses to this survey are confidential and anonymous, and will contribute to a better understanding of current infection control practices routinely used by veterinarians.

Questions about completing the survey form or about infection control practices should be directed to Jennifer Wright at (404) 639-8373 or JGWrightatcdc [dot] gov (JGWright[at]cdc[dot]gov).