San Diego, here we come!

Published on July 01, 2004
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San Diego has won Executive Board approval as the 2012 AVMA Annual Convention site. According to David Little, the director of the AVMA Convention and Meeting Planning Division, apples to apples, the city was the best choice of the possible sites considered and should offer a wealth of opportunities for convention attendees.

Five western zone cities responded to the request for proposals for hosting the convention. Little determined each city's suitability on the basis of guidelines for choosing conventions sites, which were most recently revised by the AVMA Executive Board in 2001.

The Convention Management and Program Committee chose San Diego for several reasons, including an excellent hotel package that will eliminate the need for shuttle busing. Minimizing costs for the AVMA and potential attendees was important, and the appeal of the city was also a big factor.

The seventh largest city in the United States, San Diego is known for its moderate climate, sunshine, and outdoor activities. The city boasts a diverse and multicultural heritage that is noticeable in its cuisine, arts, and entertainment. Cultural and sports attractions as well as the San Diego Bay beaches should offer something for everyone. The AVMA has never held its convention in the city.