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  David W. Anderson

Dr. Anderson (GA '62), 69, McAllen, Texas, died April 28, 2001. Retired from the USDA in 1991, he had worked with the Mexican-American Commission for the eradication of screwworms in southern Mexico since 1972. As part of the same program, Dr. Anderson also worked in several Latin American countries and the Caribbean. He began his career with the USDA in 1963, working as an inspector in North Carolina.

  Robert E. Bardwell

Dr. Bardwell (COR '46), 78, Lexington, Ky, died March 12, 2001. He was one of the first veterinarians studying relationships between equine nutrition and the development of cervical vertebral instability (wobbles). Dr. Bardwell was associated with many Thoroughbred and Standardbred farms in Kentucky. Following graduation, Dr. Bardwell divided his time practicing in central Kentucky as well as on a ranch in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In 1950 he returned permanently to Kentucky, establishing his practice in Lexington. Retiring from active practice in 1982, Dr. Bardwell continued to serve as a veterinarian for the Kentucky Racing Commission until 1985.

Dr. Bardwell had life membership in the Kentucky VMA. Memorials may be made to the Teacher Endowment Fund, Lexington Christian Academy, 2800 Tates Creek Rd, Lexington, KY 40502.

  J. Keith Benedict

Dr. Benedict (KSU '56), 70, Falmouth, Mass, died March 15, 2001. Retired, he had owned a small animal practice.

Jack M. Brundrett

Dr. Brundrett (TEX '49), 76, Irving, Texas, died March 1, 2001. Before retiring in the 1980s, he divided his time between private practice with his brother, Dr. Frank W. Brundrett (TEX '37), Kemp, Texas, and serving as veterinarian for the Dallas Zoo. Dr. Brundrett treated animals nationwide, caring for animal actors on movie sets as well as in live acts.

A past president of the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians, he had helped establish the group that became the AAZV. Dr. Brundrett served as a fighter pilot in World War II. He is survived by his wife, Billye; three sons; and a daughter. Memorials may be made to the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine or to Northwest Bible Church Missionary Fund, 8505 Douglas Ave, Dallas, TX 75225, or Vitas Innovative Hospice, 5001 LBJ Freeway, No. 1050, Dallas, TX 75224.

Lavell T. Davis

Dr. Davis (TEX '45), 79, Denison, Texas, died Jan 20, 2001. In 1955, he established the Davis Animal Hospital, a mixed practice, in Denison. Dr. Davis retired in 1996. He is survived by his wife, Willa Mae, and two daughters.

Wilson E. Doty

Dr. Doty (CAL '59), 72, Nipomo, Calif, died April 7, 2001. Dr. Doty was retired. His 32-year veterinary practice had extended from Santa Ynez to San Luis Obispo in California. Dr. Doty was an Army veteran, serving in Korea as a lieutenant. He is survived by his wife, Mary; four daughters; and two sons.

Arthur J. Friderici

Dr. Friderici (COR '55), 70, Schenectady, NY, died April 28, 2001. From 1962-1993, he owned and operated the Friderici Animal Hospital in Schenectady. Dr. Friderici was treasurer of the New York State VMS from 1980-1987. On the regional level, he served as president of the Hudson Valley VMS in 1976 and the Capital District VMS in 1977. Dr. Friderici also served on several regional committees, including Program, Nominating, Spay Program, and Continuing Education, and on the Board of Censors. In 1995, he was the recipient of the New York State VMS Distinguished Life Service Award.

Dr. Friderici is survived by his wife, Helen, and two sons.

C. William Inman

Dr. Inman (WSU '45), 80, Napa, Calif, died March 6, 2001. Retired, he had owned a practice in Napa from 1949-1986. Prior to that, Dr. Inman had a practice in Red Bluff, Calif. He was a member of the California VMA and the Napa-Solano VMA.

Dr. Inman is survived by his wife, Harriet. Memorials may be made to Canine Companions for Independence, Box 446, Santa Rosa, CA 95402-0446.

C. LeMoyne Kaser

Dr. Kaser (MSU '43), 84, Jackson, Mich, died Jan 6, 2001. He was a small animal practitioner. Following graduation, Dr. Kaser was commissioned into the Army Veterinary Corps. After the war, he set up practice in Leslie, Mich, and later in Summit Township, Mich, where he practiced for over 50 years.

Dr. Kaser was a life member of the Michigan VMA. His wife, Jean, survives him.

Theodore J. Lafeber

Dr. Lafeber (ISU '49), 75, Hendersonville, NC, died Jan 14, 2001. Known for his expertise in avian medicine, he was one of the first veterinarians to get involved in avian medicine. He was the founder and chief executive officer of Lafeber Company, a pet bird feed business. Following graduation, Dr. Lafeber established the Niles Animal Hospital in Niles, Ill. In 1979, he set up a bird farm in Florida, eventually building 12 aviaries housing 1,500 birds. Dr. Lafeber retired after 35 years of active practice in Illinois in 1985 and moved to Hendersonville, where he concentrated his efforts on his company.

He became chairman of the AAHA Committee on Avian Medicine and Surgery in 1960. Dr. Lafeber gave lectures on pet bird medicine at veterinary schools. In 1970 he received a special award from the AAHA, in recognition of his contributions to the field of avian medicine and clinical laboratory medicine. He also received the Iowa State Stange Award and the University of Illinois Service Award. In 1975, the AAHA's Region III named Dr. Lafeber its Outstanding Practitioner of the Year. He was also the recipient of the AAHA Charles E. Bild Practitioner-of-the-Year Award and in 1988 the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association of Avian Veterinarians. A World War II veteran, Dr. Lafeber served in the Army and Navy as a medical corpsman.

Dr. Lafeber is survived by his wife, Dorothy; four sons; and three daughters. One of his sons, Dr. Theodore J. Lafeber III (ISU '88), is a veterinarian in Cornell, Ill. Memorials may be made to the Dr. T. J. Lafeber Fund (for research on companion bird medicine and well-being), College of Veterinary Medicine, Dean's Office, PO Box 1071, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN 37901, or St Vincent de Paul Society, 645 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60661.

  Alvin A. Price

Dr. Price (TEX '49), 83, College Station, Texas, died March 11, 2001. He was dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Texas A&M University from 1957-1973. Dr. Price began his faculty career at Texas A&M in 1949 and went on to head the Department of Veterinary Anatomy. In 1973, after 16 years as dean, Dr. Price resumed his teaching career as a professor in the Department of Veterinary Physiology and Pharmacology. His continued participation in the undergraduate biomedical sciences program led to his appointment as its first director, in 1975. Dr. Price retired in 1988.

He was a member of the Texas VMA, the American Association of Veterinary Anatomists, and the AAHA. Dr. Price was a past president of the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges. He received education awards from Texas A&M University and the Texas VMA. Dr. Price was a consultant to numerous federal agencies and was the national civilian consultant to the Air Force surgeon general.

A World War II veteran, he served in the Army as an officer for four years.

  Malcolm B. Strole

Dr. Strole (TEX '64), 60, Channelview, Texas, died Jan 18, 2001. A small animal practitioner, he had owned and operated the Woodforest-Channelview Animal Clinic for 25 years. Dr. Strole served as a captain in the Army.

Cecil S. Yarbrough Jr

Dr. Yarbrough (AUB '42), 86, Auburn, Ala, died Jan 3, 2001. Retired, he was professor emeritus in the School of Veterinary Medicine at Auburn University. Prior to that, Dr. Yarbrough practiced for several years in Mobile, Ala. He was a life member of the Alabama VMA.

Dr. Yarbrough's brother, Dr. Clarke Yarbrough (AUB '55), is a veterinarian in Montrose, Ala. Memorials may be made to Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine (c/o the dean), Auburn, AL 36849.

Memorial for Lyman Kruckenberg
Memorials in memory of Dr. Lyman Kruckenberg, whose death was reported in the June 15, 2001 JAVMA, may be made to the Kansas VMA Foundation Student Scholarship Fund, KVMA, 816 Tyler, Topeka, KS 66612. The fund is dedicated to helping Kansas State University veterinary students.