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In October 2000, when the AVMA Council on Research meets, its Committee on the American Journal of Veterinary Research will make appointments to the AJVR Board of Scientific Reviewers. Every year, the committee attempts to fill 23 positions, choosing individuals who represent the variety of subject areas of manuscripts published in the journal. Readers who wish to be considered for appointment to the AJVR Board of Scientific Reviewers can request application forms from Dr. Kurt Matushek, associate editor, at the AVMA headquarters office by phone, (800) 248-2862, ext 281, or by e-mail, kmatushekatavma [dot] org (kmatushek[at]avma[dot]org). Completed application forms must be returned by Aug 15, 2000. Appointments are for a three-year term, and new appointments become effective Jan 1, 2001.