AVMF board sets aggressive strategic plan

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The AVMF is developing its 2000-2002 strategic plan under the leadership of a seven-member task force led by Dr. Samuel Strahm, immediate-past chairman. The task force is charged with completing the plan by the end of June 2000.

"Just as this is a great opportunity for veterinary medicine, the Foundation faces similar opportunities," Dr. Strahm said. "Our challenge will be to prioritize Foundation activities that make the most sense for veterinarians and our funders."

Besides Dr. Strahm, the task force includes directors Pat Brandt, Dr. René Carlson, Dr. Robert Dietl, and Fritz Wood, CPA, CFP. Dr. Bruce Little, AVMA executive vice president, and Paul Amundsen, AVMF executive director, serve on the task force in ex officio capacities.

AVMA members with ideas or suggestions regarding the AVMF strategic plan are encouraged to contact the Foundation.