New practice handbook to build professional image

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Joanne Clevenger, AVMA marketing assistant

practice handbookThe AVMA is announcing the release of its fifth customized practice management training handbook, "Your Professional Image: Personal Empowerment, Professional Success." The manual was developed to help veterinarians, their staff, and others in veterinary medicine build a stronger, more positive professional image to work successfully with clients, co-workers, and the public.

Recognizing the importance of enhancing the veterinary team's image as medical care professionals, the handbook emphasizes communication and management skills that help individuals effectively manage a variety of client and co-worker interactions.

This latest edition includes quizzes, checklists, examples, and exercises designed specifically to enhance self-awareness and an understanding of how self-image influences job satisfaction and performance. It is a user-friendly guide for reinforcing positive, productive workplace skills and reducing negative behaviors that prevent people from reaching their potential.

The AVMA began offering customized training handbooks in 1991 when "Client Satisfaction: the Other Half of Your Job" and "Telephone Courtesy and Client Service" were released. A few years later, "Beyond Customer Service: Keeping Clients for Life" and "Teamwork: 50 Ways to Make it Work in Your Practice" increased the series of handbooks to four. Although the handbooks appeal most directly to veterinarians in clinical practice as staff training tools, all five books offer ideas applicable to other work environments.

"Your Professional Image" is priced to cover printing and development. The cost is $25.95 plus shipping for AVMA members, and $39.95 plus shipping for nonmembers. Discounts are available on the purchase of the complete set of five and on orders of 20 or more handbooks. Contact Nancy Dering in AVMA Marketing Services at (847) 925-8070, ext 228 for more information or to place an order.

Watch for our ad and order form on the AVMA Web site, and in future issues of the JAVMA.