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Mentoring for early-career veterinarians

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MentorVet Connect is a collaboration between the AVMA and MentorVet.

MentorVet Connect

The opportunity to receive mentoring from an experienced and nurturing colleague can be transformational for veterinarians starting out in our careers. A proven mentoring program can provide a solid foundation to launch a new veterinarian on a path toward success and fulfillment—instilling confidence, building new skills, and even reducing exhaustion and burnout.

MentorVet Connect does just that. Building on a proven mentoring platform, it provides free mentoring to any AVMA member in their first 10 years as a veterinarian.

The program connects early-career veterinarians with trained mentors outside of their own workplace, who can provide both emotional and career support, acting as advisor and sounding board on a broad range of questions.

The mentorship commitment is for six months, yet can provide a base for relationships that last a lifetime.

Be a mentor. Get a mentor. The connection can transform both partners.

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Why mentoring matters

Mentoring helps to ensure the long-term strength of the veterinary profession by positioning new graduates for success from day one.

The AVMA partnered with MentorVet for this important collaboration because MentorVet’s evidence-based programming has proven results. In a study of recent graduates going through MentorVet’s flagship program, MentorVet Leap, program participants showed significant improvements over six months, as a group, on most mental health measures including stress, burnout, and wellbeing. Compared against a control group of new graduates who had not participated in the program, MentorVet Leap mentees had significantly higher levels of wellbeing.

Thank you to educational partners Merck Animal Health and Royal Canin for providing funding and additional resources for this program.

Merck and Royal Canin