Is accreditation an all or none classification?

Q: I recently heard someone say that she graduated from a veterinary school that was "fully accredited." Isn't accreditation an "all or none" classification?
A: You are partially right about "all or none." The AVMA Council on Education (COE) accredits DVM or equivalent educational programs. The AVMA COE assures that minimum standards in veterinary medical education are met by all AVMA-accredited colleges of veterinary medicine, and that students enrolled in those colleges receive an education that will prepare them for entry-level positions in the profession. When a student graduates from a veterinary school or college that is operating under any classification of AVMA-COE accreditation, the student is considered a graduate of an accredited school for purposes of licensing examinations or other certification that requires graduation from an AVMA COE-accredited institution as a prerequisite. Different classifications of accreditation, however, do exist and reflect the compliance of an institution with the Standards of Accreditation. For more detail, read about the different types of accreditation classifications.