Introducing: Your new and improved clinical studies registry

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Enhancements include new features for scientists, veterinarians, and clients

Explore AVMA’s new Veterinary Clinical Trials Registry—formerly the AVMA Animal Health Studies Database. As a tool that connects pet owners and veterinarians with veterinary clinical trials, the registry helps advance the practice of veterinary medicine and accelerate improvements in animal health care.

The registry is designed to help you and your clients search for and find suitable studies for patients. It’s easy for anyone to use, and there’s no sign-up required to search for studies. Just enter keywords or filter by a variety of criteria. For example, see studies recruiting canine subjects or studies investigating cancer. Animal owners interested in participating in a clinical trial are encouraged to first discuss their animal's eligibility with their own veterinarian.

The Veterinary Clinical Trials Registry improves upon several features of the previous database:

  • Offers a more approachable look and feel
  • Makes browsing and sharing studies easy
  • Provides a variety of ways to search for specific studies
  • Notifies users when relevant studies are published
  • Encourages sharing of study results and conclusions
  • Streamlines the study submission process for study personnel and curators

Explore the registry


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