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From pruritic pets to lesioned lizards, dermatologic issues are common in veterinary practice—and their diagnosis and management can be tricky. The latest supplemental issue of JAVMA promises to help veterinary clinicians succeed when handling everyday dermatologic challenges, in a wide variety of species.

Dermatology for Practitioners is available online and is being mailed to JAVMA subscribers with the June 2023 issue of the journal.

This special issue delivers important learnings for clinicians, with everything from novel research findings to instructive articles that can guide your approach to dermatology cases. Whether you see small animals, equids, livestock, or exotics, you’re sure to find something you can use in your daily practice.

What can you expect to find?

Guest editor Dr. Rosanna Marsella, a board-certified veterinary dermatologist, explains the inspiration behind this supplemental issue in an episode of the Veterinary Vertex podcast. The idea was first to solicit review articles in areas where Dr. Marsella has seen clinicians struggle over her 30 years of dermatology practice. Examples include common clinical presentations like otitis, allergies, immunotherapy, and pastern dermatitis—and how to troubleshoot difficult cases we don’t have exact answers for.

With those topics covered, the aim shifted to adding state-of-the-art new research findings to broaden our existing knowledge.

The dermatology issue certainly delivers on these goals—starting with the first article, which covers how to successfully manage recurrent otitis externa in dogs. Other articles follow suit, answering these clinical questions and more:

  • When and how should I biopsy skin diseases to obtain diagnostic samples? 
  • Should I consider immunotherapy for atopic dogs and cats?
  • Is oclacitinib effective for treating allergic skin disease, and is it safe?
  • How do I determine the cause of pruritus in horses, and what are some effective treatment strategies?
  • What do I need to consider when evaluating livestock with skin diseases?
  • How can I help to prevent recurrence of “yellow fungus disease” in bearded dragons?

The issue also covers key One Health topics, including antimicrobial resistance and zoonotic pathogens.

Start reading

JAVMA publishes supplemental issues twice a year, so be on the lookout for future issues on topics like dentistry, regenerative medicine, and ophthalmology.

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