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Oral health is important in animals, yet doesn’t always receive the attention it deserves. The latest JAVMA supplement promises to brush readers up on common issues in veterinary dentistry, and help veterinary clinicians make evidence-based diagnostic and treatment recommendations for a wide variety of oral pathologies and animal species.

Dentistry in Your Practice: Making Gold-Standard Recommendations is available online and has been mailed to JAVMA subscribers with the December 2023 issue of the journal.

Cover of December 2023 JAVMA supplemental issue on veterinary dentistry

What can you expect to find? 

Two guest editors who are board certified in veterinary dentistry, Drs. Stephanie Goldschmidt and Elke Pollaris, recruited 14 impactful original research and review articles on everything from odontogenic abscesses in rabbits to odontoclastic tooth resorption in horses. 

They chose articles intentionally to aid decision-making, and the special supplement certainly delivers on this aim. The issue is chockful of clinical insights on key questions like these: 

  • What is the diagnostic yield of preoperative, four-site screening (head, neck, chest, and abdomen) for oral cancer in dogs?
  • How do I recognize and manage oral eosinophilic lesions in cats?
  • How do I diagnose and manage temporomandibular joint fractures in dogs and cats?
  • What are some recent advancements in the treatment and prevention of peripheral dental caries in horses?
  • How effective is surgical treatment for horses with primary or dental-related sinusitis? 
  • What are the dental needs of geriatric horses?

This special supplement also contains some valuable tools:

Plus, it covers an important One Health topic: antibiotic use by diplomates of the American Veterinary Dental College. 

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JAVMA publishes supplemental issues twice a year, so watch out for future issues on topics like regenerative medicine (June 2024) and ophthalmology (December 2024).

Other practical resources from the AVMA journals

AVMA’s journals continue to deliver the trustworthy, world-class information readers have come to expect, in innovative ways that make keeping up easy. 

The AVMA Journals Virtual Collections have grown to encompass 15 clinically important themes, with diabetes recently joining the list and geriatric medicine coming soon. These collections include insightful articles from both JAVMA and the American Journal of Veterinary Research (AJVR), and they’re available for anyone to read—free of charge.

AVMA’s Veterinary Vertex podcast takes you behind the scenes of the clinical and research discoveries published in JAVMA and AJVR, delivering both practical medical knowledge and a healthy dose of inspiration. Be sure to check out a behind-the-scenes tour of the most recent JAVMA supplement by Drs. Goldschmidt and Pollaris.

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