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President's column - Dr. Rena Carlson

2023 has certainly been a milestone year for the AVMA’s charitable foundation, the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF). The Foundation celebrated 60 years of service to the veterinary community; helped thousands of animals and people around the globe; and provided financial support to veterinary students, researchers, veterinary practices, and animal owners.

I am regularly inspired by the great work the Foundation does. And it makes me proud to see its far-reaching impact across our entire profession.

This year, we welcomed Danielle Johnson, our new AVMF executive director/director of development. With more than 20 years of fundraising and development experience, Danielle brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge, and I am excited about the impact she will have on the Foundation’s strategy and operations.

Helping in the face of disaster

In response to the devastating fires on the Hawaiian island of Maui, the AVMF provided an initial grant of $30,000 to support emergency efforts to treat burned and injured animals and has also raised an additional $40,000-plus in support. 

Additionally, the Foundation has been providing grants to support those impacted by Hurricane Idalia, which caused significant damage across Florida and other states in the Southeast. And thanks to donor gifts, the AVMF also continues to raise money (more than $660,000 to date!) to help the animals and people devastated by the war in Ukraine. 

Supporting veterinary students and veterinary research

The AVMF is committed to helping offset the cost of veterinary education through several scholarships. Scholarships are an investment in the future of the veterinary profession, helping empower students to achieve their dreams of becoming veterinarians. By investing in the education of our veterinary students, we play a role in ensuring that future veterinarians have the skills and training necessary to treat our nation’s animals, safeguard our food supply, and protect public health. 

The Foundation also helps many others in a variety of ways by supporting research projects through grants that empower new discoveries into diseases impacting animals and humans. 

Reaching every animal with charitable care 

The Foundation's REACH™ animal care program offers grants to AVMA members providing charitable veterinary services for those unable to afford the medical care needed for their pet. REACH breaks down barriers to immediate veterinary care, aiding the most vulnerable in our communities. You can read stories of the program’s impact and find information on how to apply for REACH grants on the Foundation’s website. 

AVMF is powered by you

Support for AVMF initiatives is made possible through your generosity, and we are grateful to you for considering the Foundation as part of your charitable giving. As we near the end of this year, please consider supporting your Foundation so that the AVMF can continue providing these important services to the community. 

Working together, we can multiply the reach and influence of the AVMF’s programs and create an even more impactful Foundation for another 60 years and beyond. Donate at avmf.org.


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