Jennifer Quammen, DVM

Jennifer Quammen, DVM

AVMA Vice President 2022-2024

Biographical sketch

Dr. Jennifer Quammen has been a leader in the veterinary profession for many years. She began as a veterinary technician for over a decade in private practice. As a veterinarian, she has worked as an associate, medical director, or a relief veterinarian at various points throughout her career. Clinically, her interests are in surgery and pain management. She also has a very strong passion for veterinary wellbeing. Dr. Quammen co-founded Veterinarian Coaching with her partner in 2014; through this work, she has helped numerous veterinarians, practices, and students on topics ranging from stress management and sleep hygiene to career transition and improved work-life integration.

Dr. Quammen currently serves as a committee member on the AVMA Veterinary Economics Strategy Committee. She is an alumna of the AVMA Future Leaders Program, and is a past member and chair of the AVMA Council on Veterinary Service. Dr. Quammen is the chief veterinary office of TeleVet, a veterinary technology company focused on enhancing the lives of veterinary professionals through simple and smart technology solutions. She is a member and secretary of the Society for Veterinary Medical Ethics.

Dr. Quammen has served on the leadership of the Kentucky Veterinary Medical Association, where she is a past president as well as co-facilitator of the KVMA’s Power of Ten Leadership program. Dr. Quammen was deeply engaged with the Veterinary Leadership Experience (VLE) and the Veterinary Leadership Institute (VLI) from 2011-2019, when she stepped back from her role on their outreach team, leaving it in great hands. She continues to champion the themes from VLE/VLI, and has developed many friends and colleagues from these experiences.

Dr. Quammen’s passion for veterinary medicine is strong, and she hopes to continue positive and forward-thinking momentum within our diverse profession.