January 15, 2001
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January 15, 2001


 Task force to study AVMA's role in global accreditation

Posted Jan. 1, 2001 

Many international schools of veterinary medicine consider accreditation by the AVMA Council on Education to be the gold standard. As a leader in accreditation, the council wants to define clearly the future role of the AVMA and specifically, the council, in global accreditation.

For that reason the Executive Board has approved formation of a Task Force on Global Accreditation. The task force comprises four current Council on Education representatives (Dr. Jenks Britt, Dr. Lee Myers, Dr. Charles Short, and JoAnn Smith), two former members of the council (Drs. John Clader and Richard Dierks), a Canadian National Examination Board representative (Dr. David Sandals), an Executive Board representative (Dr. James E. Nave), and a North American councilor to the World Veterinary Association (Dr. Leon H. Russell).