March 15, 2018


 National Dog Bite Prevention Week coming up April 8-14

​Posted Feb. 28, 2018

National Dog Bite Prevention Week is coming up April 8-14, and the AVMA offers a wide range of resources on dog bite prevention at

Last year, the National Dog Bite Prevention Week Coalition announced a permanent change of dates for the long-running program. Traditionally held during the third full week of May, the program is now held during the second full week of April.

The AVMA, the U.S. Postal Service, and State Farm Insurance created the National Dog Bite Prevention Week Coalition to protect the important bond between people and their dogs. According to the coalition, education and responsible pet ownership are key because any dog can bite.

The AVMA webpage provides facts on dog bites; social media tips and content for AVMA members; a series of videos featuring Jimmy the Dog; materials for veterinarians, lawmakers, and animal control officers; and many other resources.