October 01, 2016


 Association executives announce changes

​Posted Sept. 14, 2016

At its annual membership meeting Aug. 6 in San Antonio during AVMA Convention 2016, the American Society of Veterinary Medical Association Executives announced several changes that reflect the organization’s evolution.

First, a new name and logo were unveiled by incoming President Candace Joy, executive director of the Washington State VMA. The new name is Veterinary Medical Asso­ciation Executives, or VMAE. Joy said the rebranding effort was undertaken to simplify reference to the organization and reflect its growing activity and visibility. She said, “These days, VMAE is represented at many tables throughout the profession and industry—and our new name and logo more effectively represent VMAE as the strategic, professional, and future-focused organization it has become.” 

Next, VMAE outgoing President Adrian Hochstadt, who serves as AVMA deputy CEO, announced the appointment of longtime Colorado VMA Executive Director Ralph Johnson as VMAE’s first CEO. Johnson will serve as CEO through a VMAE contract with the North American Veterinary Community Industry Services division for association management services. Serving as CEO will be his primary assignment, but he will also do some special project work for the NAVC. Johnson will continue to serve the Colorado VMA while a new executive director is transitioned into the position.

Ralph Johnson and Sophie (Photo by Carlos Cobos)

Johnson commented, “VMAE members bring the ground-level perspective of VMAs into organizations such as Partners for Healthy Pets, the CATalyst Council, the Pet Nutrition Alliance, and more. Recognition is growing for the contributions VMA executives make as thought leaders, influencers, and strategic partners.”

Finally, VMAE announced a joint initiative with Partners for Healthy Pets, through which participating VMAs will conduct a campaign to highlight forward booking of appointments in veterinary practices. Most state VMAs have already 

become associate members of PHP, but Johnson said the joint campaign has chosen forward booking as its focal point among the PHP tools. He said, “Through collective action, we are convinced we can move the needle on an important behavior—resulting in healthier patients and healthier practices.”