March 15, 2015


 Veterinary Dental Forum

Posted Feb. 25, 2015​

Dr. William Gengler ​Dr. Amy Fulton Scanlan ​Dr. Marika Constantaras ​Dr. Katherine E. Queck
​Dr. Jason Soukup ​Trudy Howerter Kathy Pershing
Event: 28th annual forum, Nov. 13-16, 2014, Atlanta

Program: The forum, co-sponsored by the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry, American Veterinary Dental College, and American Veterinary Dental Society, attracted more than 1,100 participants. The specialist-in-training module focused on anesthesia. Also offered were lectures, briefs, and laboratories and workshops for veterinary dental clinicians and technicians. Dr. Samuel B. Low, professor emeritus of periodontics at the University of Florida, presented “The ‘New’ periodontal disease: ‘inflammatory and risky’.” The forum also served as the venue for the annual meetings of the Foundation for Veterinary Dentistry, Peter Emily International Veterinary Dental Foundation, Veterinary Dental Educators Group. and Academy of Veterinary Dental Technicians.

American Veterinary Dental College
Awards: AVDC Peter Emily Service Award, sponsored by Virbac Animal Health: Dr. William Gengler, Madison, Wisconsin, in recognition of his extensive contributions in promoting veterinary dentistry. A 1972 veterinary graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia, Dr. Gengler was the associate dean of clinical affairs and director of the veterinary medical teaching hospital at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine prior to retirement. During his tenure, he also served as section head of the university’s dentistry and oral surgery service and was the dentistry and oral surgery resident program director. Dr. Gengler is a diplomate and a past president of the AVDC. AVDC Robert Wiggs Outstanding Candidate Award, sponsored by Virbac Animal Health: Dr. Amy Fulton Scanlan, Mill Valley, California. A 2009 graduate of the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Scanlan practices at Aggie Animal Dental Center in Mill Valley. She is a diplomate of the AVDC. Journal of Veterinary Dentistry Debra B. Smith Editor’s Award: Dr. Marika Constantaras, St. Charles, Illinois, for “Maxillofacial injuries and diseases that cause an open mouth in cats.”

New diplomates: Twenty-three new diplomates, including 12 founding diplomates of the new equine dental specialty within the college, were welcomed into the AVDC (see also story). The new veterinary dental specialists are as follows:

Mary Buelow, Yonkers, New York
Marika Constantaras, St. Charles, Illinois
Heather Duncan, Greenville, South Carolina
Judy Force, Aptos, California
Amy Fulton Scanlan, Mill Valley, California
Michael Jennings, Philadelphia
Mary Krakowski Volker, Towson, Maryland
Jessica Riehl, Madison, Wisconsin
Maria Soltero-Rivera, Philadelphia
Sharon Startup, Knoxville, Tennessee
Douglas Winter, Wichita, Kansas

The founding equine veterinary dental specialists are as follows:
Equine specialty
Robert Baratt, Salem, Connecticut
James Carmalt, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Nicole du Toit, Tulbagh, South Africa
Edward Earley, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Jack Easley, Shelbyville, Kentucky
David Foster, Morganville, New Jersey
Stephen Galloway, Somerville, Tennessee
Michael Lowder, Athens, Georgia
Robert Pascoe, Mereworth, United Kingdom
Jennifer Rawlinson, Equine Specialty chair, Fort Collins, Colorado (already an AVDC diplomate)
Hubert Simhofer, Vienna
Gary Wilson, Gatton, Australia

Academy of Veterinary Dentistry
Awards: AVD Fellow-of-the-Year Award, sponsored by Virbac Animal Health: Dr. Katherine E. Queck, Charlotte, North Carolina, for contributions made toward advancing the field of veterinary dentistry and service to the academy. A 1986 graduate of the Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Queck is the founder of The Carolinas Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic. She serves as secretary of the AVD and is a past chair of its Credentials Committee.

American Veterinary Dental Society
Awards: AVDS Education and Research Award, sponsored by Hill’s Pet Nutrition Inc.: Dr. Frank Verstraete, Davis, California, for contributions in the area of veterinary dentistry and helping to achieve the AVDS mission of a global society for the advancement of veterinary dental knowledge. A 1980 graduate of Ghent University in Belgium, Dr. Verstraete is a professor of dentistry and oral surgery and chief of the Dentistry & Oral Surgery Service at the University of California-Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. He is a diplomate of the AVDC and European Veterinary Dental College.

Academy of Veterinary Dental Technicians
The AVDT welcomed newly certified members Lisa Caton-Dean, San Jose, California; Chad Heintz-Nunes, Squaw Valley, California; Jennifer Mendoza, West Corina, California; Susanne Paul, Houston; Amanda Pearce, Athens, Georgia; Francesca Quinci-Rivera, Hauppauge, New York; Katie Rakin, Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Denise Rollings, Bonita Springs, Florida; Kelly Vearil, Cincinnati; and Renae White, Salem, Oregon.

Foundation for Veterinary Dentistry
Awards: Research Grant Award ($7,500): Dr. Jason Soukup, Madison, Wisconsin, for “The influence of axial grooves on the dislodgement resistance of prosthetic metal crowns in dogs.”

Peter Emily International Veterinary Dental Foundation
Awards: Service Award: Trudy Howerter, Denver, and Kathy Pershing, Denver, for volunteering their expertise as certified veterinary technicians and providing free dental care to zoo animals and animals in exotic animal sanctuaries in this country and abroad.

Officials: American Veterinary Dental College—Dr. Paul Mitchell, North Attleboro, Massachusetts, president; Academy of Veterinary Dentistry—Dr. Ken Capron, Tulsa, Oklahoma, president; American Veterinary Dental Society—Dr. Kristin Bannon, Santa Fe, New Mexico, president; Academy of Veterinary Dental Technicians—Annie Mills, Orlando, Florida, president; Foundation for Veterinary Dentistry—Dr. Jamie Anderson, Concord, California, chair