March 01, 2015


 Auxiliary highlights pet adoption for National Pet Week

Posted Feb. 11, 2015

The Auxiliary to the AVMA will highlight pet adoption for National Pet Week 2015, May 3-9. The theme is “Adopt a Pet—A Promise of Love.”

The AVMA and AVMA Auxiliary created National Pet Week in 1981 to foster responsible pet ownership, recognize the human-animal bond, and increase public awareness of veterinary medicine.

The Auxiliary held its annual poster and writing contests in 2014 to generate promotional materials for National Pet Week 2015.

Joseph Payongayong of Kapolei, Hawaii, was in eighth grade when he submitted the accompanying drawing that won the poster contest. The poster is available to order by contacting the Auxiliary at (800) 248-2862, ext. 6747, or

Lana Newkirk of Lexington, Kentucky, was in fifth grade when she submitted the following passage that won the writing contest:

“My beautiful puppy dog, Laci, was adopted into my family on December 7, 2012. So if you want to adopt a pet I know the feeling. Up until the point you get the loving creature you’re happy and anxious to get them but you’re also very scared if they’ll be the right animal or if they will even like you. So if you want to adopt a dog, cat, any animal, I say go and adopt her/him and love the animal no matter what.”

The Auxiliary is seeking entries for the poster and writing contests for National Pet Week 2016. “Pets at Play, Brighten Your Day” will be the theme. May 15, 2015, is the postmark deadline for entries. The contests are open to students in kindergarten through 12th grade.

Details and entry forms are available by contacting the Auxiliary at (800) 248-2862, ext. 6747, or