September 15, 2014


 The votes are in

​Posted Sept. 3, 2014

In Denver, the House of Delegates filled vacancies on AVMA councils and the House Advisory Committee. The results are as follows. (For new members of the Council on Education, see article.)

Council on Biologic and Therapeutic Agents

Drs. Terry Lehenbauer, Tulare, California, representing epidemiology; Margie Lee, Watkinsville, Georgia, representing microbiology; Jane Owens, Indianapolis, representing pharmacology; Eric Peterson, Lexington, Kentucky, representing private clinical practice, predominantly equine; and Bruce Coston, New Market, Virginia, representing private clinical practice, predominantly small animal

Council on Public Health and Regulatory Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Joni Scheftel, Mayer, Minnesota, representing members-at-large; and Drs. Charles Broaddus, Mechanicsville, Virginia; Adam Eichelberger, Aiken, South Carolina; and Mary Grace Stobierski, East Lansing, Michigan, representing public health agencies or the armed forces

Council on Research

Drs. Kristin Evans, Woodland, California; Harm HogenEsch, West Lafayette, Indiana; and Katrina Taylor, Princeton, New Jersey, representing veterinary medical research

Council on Veterinary Service

Drs. Manuel Himenes Jr., Kailua, Hawaii, representing private practice, predominantly equine; and Paul Cook, Atwater, California, representing private practice, predominantly food animal

House Advisory Committee

Dr. Melanie Marsden, Colorado Springs, Colorado, representing members-at-large