August 15, 2011


 AVMA offers vaccination handout for clients

Posted July 27, 2011

The AVMA has developed a handout for clients on "What to expect after your pet's vaccination."

The handout provides clients with a list of common adverse events that companion animals can experience after a vaccination, such as local swelling. According to the document, "If these side effects last for more than a day or two, or cause your pet significant discomfort, it is important for you to contact your veterinarian."

The document also explains that companion animals can experience serious adverse events after vaccination, such as allergic reactions. The handout directs clients to seek veterinary care immediately for the following signs: persistent vomiting or diarrhea; itchy skin that may seem bumpy ("hives"); swelling of the muzzle and around the face, neck, or eyes; severe coughing or difficulty breathing; or collapse.

The vaccination handout is available at under "Pet care."