June 15, 2008


 Bulls on parade - June 15, 2008

posted June 1, 2008

Bulls on parade

Dr. Robert M. Groskin marked the start of National Pet Week May 4 with the first annual "Running of the bulls" in his hometown of Englewood, N.J. The small animal practitioner brought together owners and their dogs, including several bulldogs—the "classic couch potato" breed, according to Dr. Groskin—to spread the word about how a healthy lifestyle isn't species-specific. "Not only do we share an emotional connection with our pets, we have a health connection, too," said Dr. Groskin, a member of the AVMA House of Delegates. The event focused on the ways exercise and a healthy diet benefit people as well as animals. Also on hand were the PetFit Tour—the AVMA-Hill's Pet Nutrition partnership raising awareness about pet obesity—the Englewood Chamber of Commerce, a local nature center, and the city health department, which is campaigning to fight childhood obesity.