September 15, 2007


 USDA initiates cost-benefit analysis of animal identification system

Posted Sept. 1, 2007

The Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has selected Kansas State University to lead a multi-institutional cost-benefit analysis of the National Animal Identification System.

Co-contributors Colorado State University and Michigan State University will assist in conducting the analysis. Montana State University will provide an assessment of the economic costs and benefits of the NAIS—including the three components of premises registration, animal identification, and animal tracing.

The analysis will encompass segments of the livestock industry such as small- and large-scale producers, marketing firms, processing facilities, and rendering operations. The costs and benefits of the NAIS will be examined across species. The analysts also will seek to determine the distribution of costs and benefits among producers of herds of various sizes, marketing firms, processors, consumers, and state and federal government agencies.

The NAIS is a voluntary federal-state-industry partnership with the purpose of helping producers respond to outbreaks of animal disease. Information is available at