July 15, 2004


 AVMA creates new staff position

 Posted July 1, 2004


The Executive Board approved the creation of a new staff position: Director of Special Events. The staff person will spend half their time managing AVMA governing documents, such as the Constitution and Bylaws, Digest of Official Actions, and Manual of the House of Delegates. They will spend the rest of their time directing efforts toward AVMA special events. These include the Veterinary Leadership Conference, Animal Welfare Forum, and constituent association of executives orientation and training sessions, as well as events at the AVMA convention such as the Opening General Session and Awards Ceremony.

Dr. Bruce W. Little, executive vice president of the AVMA, recommended creating the position, after the departure of AVMA Assistant Executive Vice President Dr. Arthur V. Tennyson, who was involved with much of the work involving the governing documents. A new position is necessary because the rewriting of the Bylaws and transfer of certain items from the Bylaws to a proposed AVMA Policy Manual and Executive Board Manual will involve considerable additional work in the future. Dr. Little also thought it best if the work to keep and archive the important documents were transferred to an identifiable position.