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April 15, 2004


 Take action now!

Posted April 1, 2004

The new version of the Government Action Center on the AVMA Web site makes it easier for AVMA members to contact their elected officials on important issues affecting the veterinary profession.

To take advantage of this new service, called Capwiz, visit the AVMA Web site at There, you'll find a list of the current bills that make up the AVMA legislative agenda for the 108th Congress. There, you'll find a list of the current bills that make up the AVMA legislative agenda for the 108th Congress.

Clicking on a bill/issue will take you to background on the issue. You will be asked—only once—to supply your name, address, and zip code, and Capwiz will store this information for your next visit. The next screen will display the name(s) of your senator and/or congressional representative, depending which house the legislation is in, and enable you to send them a prewritten letter or e-mail message composed by AVMA staff.

These issues are important to the profession and, as a constituent, your voice is louder than you may believe. Make yourself heard by taking advantage of this free and easy service today.

For more information on the AVMA legislative agenda or other issues affecting the veterinary profession, contact the AVMA Governmental Relations Division at (800) 321-1473 or