September 01, 2002


 Student AVMA honors two teachers from University of Georgia

Posted Aug. 15, 2002


Dr. Craig Greene Dr. Craig Greene

The Student AVMA has selected two University of Georgia professors for its national teaching awards.

Dr. Craig Greene, Athens, Ga., was honored with the Student AVMA Teaching Excellence Award in the Clinical Sciences. Joining the faculty of the University of Georgia in 1976, he is currently joint-appointed in the department of Small Animal Medicine and Medical Microbiology.

Dr. Corrie BrownDr. Corrie Brown

The professor is well respected by students and known for his humor, enthusiasm, and the active interest he takes in each student's progress. Dr. Greene teaches by example. He is certified by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine. He received his DVM degree from the University of California-Davis in 1973.

Dr. Corrie Brown, Athens, Ga., a professor and head of the department of veterinary pathology at the University of Georgia, received the Student AVMA Teaching Excellence Award in Basic Sciences. Known for her enthusiasm and sense of humor, she links theoretical concepts to actual clinical cases and incorporates current events and the arts into lectures to make the learning experience more meaningful. She has also created interactive Web-based lessons in pathology. Dr. Brown is also dedicated to assisting students obtain experience in international veterinary medicine and is adviser for the Student Association for Global Awareness. She received her DVM degree from Ontario Veterinary College in 1981.