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Please contact us at:
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· Membership Categories and Applications

· How to Join the AVMA

· Qualifications for AVMA Membership

· Why join the AVMA?

There are two (2) membership categories within the AVMA

* Veterinarians who have graduated within the past two years may qualify for reduced dues

How to Join the AVMA

  1. Select and print the appropriate member application form
  2. Complete the application
  3. Mail or fax the completed application, payment and any additional required information to:
    American Veterinary Medical Association
    Attention: Membership Division
    1931 North Meacham Road, Suite 100
    Schaumburg, IL 60173-4360
    Fax: 847-303-5669

Qualifications for AVMA membership by category

A. Voting membership

​Voting membership may be granted to any individual who has earned a professional degree in veterinary medicine from a school or college of veterinary medicine and shares interest in and supports the purposes of the Association; abides by these Bylaws, the Association's Principles of Veterinary Medical Ethics, and such other policies, rules, and regulations as the Association may adopt.


B. Affiliate membership:

 Affiliate membership may be granted to any individual who (i) does not otherwise qualify for membership as a voting member (ii) has met membership qualifications and application requirements as specified in Article II, Sections 1 and 2; and (iii) does one of the following: 1. Teaches veterinary medicine or the sciences allied to veterinary medicine; or 2. Engages in veterinary research.


Why Join the AVMA

Benefits of AVMA membership

Dues reduction options in times of need