What is the AVMA doing to promote FSVM?

The AVMA promotes food supply veterinary medicine on a wide range of topics to diverse audiences. While we are engaged in numerous activities, below is a discussion of just some of them.

  1. The AVMA has several guiding entities that address food supply veterinary medicine issues. Each entity is comprised of subject matter experts who collectively provide the AVMA with invaluable perspectives, guidance, and leadership on issues under their respective entity's charge. Below are a few of those entities.
  2. The AVMA utilizes committees, task forces and steering committees to provide guidance on issues relative to antimicrobials and food supply veterinary medicine. View all currently empaneled AVMA entities.
  3. The AVMA 20/20 Vision Commission Report, which is a progressive vision for the AVMA, includes several issues relevant to food supply veterinary medicine.
  4. The AVMA has a number of policies relevant to food supply veterinary medicine. Some of those most central are:
  5. The AVMA consistently offers a wide range of continuing education programs related to food supply veterinary medicine each year at the AVMA Annual Convention.