Webinars for Early-Career Veterinarians

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Financial Literacy: What does that even mean?

Young veterinarians often carry large student debt loads, and many have no training in financial management or planning. Even those who do can struggle to apply that learning in their own lives. Making good financial decisions in real-world budgeting, spending and planning is key to establishing control and protecting your financial well-being. Dr. Lance Roasa, a practicing veterinarian and attorney, lays out the ground work to improve your financial savvy.

Business 101: The basics for non-economists

Do finances, especially business finances, feel overwhelming to you? Join us for a discussion of the basics of business finance – and why it is important to you and your career – with Dr. Jess Trichel of Live Oak Bank.

Practice Ownership: Is it really possible?

Whether or not you are considering buying a practice, it is important to understand the finances behind this decision. We talk with Dr. Jess Trichel from Live Oak Bank to break down the basics of practice ownership. You may be surprised how manageable it is, even if you have student debt.

Financial Well-being: Not something to overlook!

Well-being is an important topic within the veterinary profession, and financial well-being is a critical piece that often gets overlooked. Join us as we discuss how finances affecting your well-being and ways to improve your financial self-awareness. Dr. Lance Roasa also talks us through some of the basics that can help you jump start your financial journey.

Equine Internships: What to expect and how to choose?

Are you considering an equine internship? Dr. Essie Rogers takes us through the process of locating an internship that was the right fit for her career goals. She also shares her personal experiences and insights she gained throughout her first year post-graduation.

No Internship? No problem!

Trying to decide if you want to jump right into private practice or apply for an internship? Dr. Charlie Benson takes us through his experience of starting off in private practice. He shares lessons he learned, why it was the right decision for him, and what to consider as you move forward in your veterinary career.

Private Practice Internship: Is it the right choice for you?

It can be difficult to decide if an internship is right for you and, if so, what specific experience will be the right fit for you. Dr. Emily Tincher shares insights based on her own private practice internships – along with helpful advice to help you make your decisions.

Finance & Business series

Financial Literacy
Business 101
Practice Ownership
Financial Well-being

Internships series

Equine Internships
No Internship? No problem!
Private Practice Internship

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