Veterinary marketing and client services

Looking to improve client communication and marketing for your veterinary practice? Look no further. AVMA tools and services save you time, money, and effort. They’re an easy and convenient way to share information with clients and extend client relationships both inside and outside the clinic.

Client education materials

Whether you need a handout on parvovirus to educate clients in the clinic or cancer information to link to from your website, we have you covered. Browse our large selection of client education materials. Many are available in both English and Spanish.

Social media 101 for veterinary clinics

Social media is an integral part of marketing. Whether you’re brand new to it or a long-time user, these tools will help you make the most of social marketing.

Online reputation management and cyberbullying

We've put together resources to help AVMA members improve and monitor online reputation and know how to respond if you come under attack in cyberspace.

Veterinary marketing toolkits

Use our member-only toolkits to market your services and position yourself as a thought leader in your community. Since clients don’t always realize the breadth of topics on which veterinarians are experts, we provide ready-to-use materials that help your educate them. Find downloadable client handouts, sample social media posts, customizable press releases, and more.

Encouraging preventive care

Partners for Healthy Pets provides a wide range of free marketing tools to help you get more pets in for regular preventive care:

Internet and social media marketing

Inactive client program


AVMA is a lead partner in the Partners for Healthy Pets initiative.

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