Path to workplace wellbeing

Resources to support team wellbeing and make your practice a great place to work

Wellbeing in the workplace is crucial—not only to team members' individual health and happiness, but also to your practice's success. A healthy and supportive work environment can boost productivity, increase job satisfaction, and help everyone focus on the important work of caring for patients. It also can make your practice stand out to potential job candidates and make it easier to secure top talent as you're growing your team.

Use AVMA resources to promote a healthy workplace culture, support your team, and make your practice a great place to work.

Get certified in workplace wellbeing

AVMA's Workplace Wellbeing Certificate Program teaches the whole veterinary team crucial skills to support a culture of wellbeing in the workplace. The program consists of five modules focused on different elements of workplace wellbeing: effective feedback, healthy conflict resolution, suicide prevention, and diversity and inclusion. Available through AVMA Axon, the certificate program is open to all veterinary professionals and free for AVMA members.

Sign up for suicide-prevention training

AVMA's QPR Suicide Prevention Training teaches you and your team how to recognize signs that a friend or colleague may be considering suicide, and offers simple, effective questions to guide them to seek professional help. The training can be completed online in less than an hour, and is free for AVMA members. 

Join AVMA at the Veterinary Wellbeing Summit

Be inspired by a community of professionals dedicated to improving wellbeing in the veterinary profession. At the Veterinary Wellbeing Summit you'll be empowered with new tools, resources, and practical strategies that you can implement in your own practice. Hear from veterinary and mental health experts, and gain ideas from other practices and organizations about steps you can take to promote a healthy work environment.

Take action

Get 100 practical suggestions to support healthful living at work and at home. AVMA’s guide 100 Healthy Tips to Support a Culture of Wellbeing offers steps individuals and organizations can take in nine dimensions of wellbeing: creative, emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social, and spiritual.

Rejuvenate your team

Our teams are the lifeblood of our practices. Learn how to build a more cohesive and collaborative staff unit with AVMA's Tools to Strengthen your Veterinary Team. These toolkits offer guidance and ready-to-use materials to help you and your team communicate more efficiently, overcome challenges, and grow together. Learn best practices in new hire training, employee performance feedback, effective team meetings, and team-building activities.

Invest in peace of mind

There are many things we can do to take ownership of our health. But there will always be circumstances beyond our control. The AVMA Trust provides a wide range of insurance protection through AVMA LIFE and AVMA PLIT. From disability to critical illness to life insurance and beyond, you'll have peace of mind knowing that you, your team, and your families are covered no matter what.