State and Specialty Economic Reports

AABP Report Cover

​​American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP) Economic Report 2016

​​A joint effort of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners and the AVMA, this report examines bovine practitioner demographics, the market for bovine veterinary medical services, unemployment and underemployment in the sector, income and debt, and the impact of the bovine practices on the economic activity in the United States. Reflecting data from the beef and dairy subsectors, the report discusses bovine veterinary practices – including the effect on them of parallel service providers on – and identifies important skills for new veterinarians entering the this sector of veterinary medicine.


TVMA Report Cover

​​Texas Veterinary Medical Association Economic Report 2017

Produced by the AVMA in cooperation with the TVMA, this informative report presents a snapshot of the general economic conditions and implications for the veterinary profession in the Lone Star State. Dynamics of supply and demand in the markets for veterinary education, veterinarians, and veterinary services are discussed, and an analysis of the economy-wide impacts of the veterinary profession in Texas offered. An overview of the veterinary workforce in Texas and factors affecting income, student debt, hours worked per week, and underemployment are considered.


ACLAM/ASLAP Report Cover

ACLAM/ASLAP Economic Report 2017

​​Laboratory animal veterinarians (LAV) oversee the use of animals in research, teaching, and testing, as well as perform clinical medicine, surgery, anesthesia, disease prevention, health and genetic quality control screening, and ensure animal welfare regulatory compliance. A collaboration of the American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine, the American Society of Laboratory Animal Practitioners and the AVMA, this report provides an overview of the LAV workforce, examines the level of underemployment among LAVs, as well as presents income figures and factors affecting income, and discusses LAV educational debt.