Economics & Practice Management Resources

Veterinarians are experts in caring for animals, but they don't always get training on how to run a successful business. The following resource list, compiled with the help of the 2011 Class of AVMA Future Leaders, can point you to resources to help you establish and maintain an economically healthy veterinary practice.

Economics & Practice Management

Partners for Healthy Pets

Management training, small business advice (U.S. Small Business Association)

Substance Abuse: A Culture of Denial

United States Department of Labor : Developing Drug-Free Workplace policies

AAHA ​Tools and Resources - Financial Success

First, Hire the Right Person: A conversation with Dave Ransey

Practice Ownership

Small Business Association - Advice and tips on how to start a business

More Women Becoming Business Owners - A trend reflecting the population demographics of the veterinary profession.

How Can I Afford a Veterinary Practice Today? - Considerations for how to proceed.

Becoming a Co-owner: It's More than Just Sharing Toothpaste

Building Your Company's Team - How to hire an accountant, lawyer, banker, etc.