Benefits of Research for Animals

While most people are aware that there are numerous human medical discoveries that result from laboratory animal research, there are also many veterinary medical discoveries benefiting animals that result from laboratory animal research. The following highlights a few recent veterinary medical discoveries that benefit animals.

Current Veterinary Medical Discoveries Resulting from Animal Research

Lifetime study to discover if cancer is related to lifestyle in Golden retrievers

Researchers have enrolled 3,000 Golden retrievers in a lifetime study in hopes of getting clues into how genetics and health play into long-term chances of cancer. This is a use of research that could benefit decades of Goldens in the future.

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Associations of diet and breed with recurrence of calcium oxalate cystic calculi in dogs

Bladder stones can be a common problem affecting companion animals. In this study, veterinarians looked at the effect of breed and diet on the reoccurrence of bladder stones. Breed disposition showed to be very important and specialized diet may have a decreased effect on reoccurrence.

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