Include financial planning in your wellbeing plan

Between paying off college debt, keeping up-to-date on daily expenses, and trying to set money aside for future retirement, the competing demands we face as veterinarians can challenge us. If your self-care plan includes trying to have a more active social life or take a vacation, that can add to the challenge.

Finances are an important part of wellbeing. This could mean seeking a different job with higher pay, or even a career change into a different area of veterinary medicine or out of the profession altogether. But there are smaller steps that can make a difference as well – from budgeting, to seeking a deferment of your student debt, to running more errands on your bicycle or on foot. Even making a will might give you a sense that you are regaining control in this area.

How AVMA can help

Personal financial planning tool – Build a personalized budget that can help you reach your financial goals. Track your expenses, pay off debt, and plan for your future.

Salary estimator – Evaluate your salary against those of similar veterinarians.

Financial planning resources Links to other financial tools, including cost-of-living comparisons, buy/rent calculator, credit card calculator, and more.

Repaying your student loans  Information about federal and state loan repayment and scholarship programs available to veterinarians; options for paying off student loans; and tables to help with calculating your loan repayment.

Student financial resources Managing your educational debt requires organization, common sense and responsibility. We’ve pulled together resources to help you better understand options for repaying and deferring student loan debt; avoiding default; and investigating scholarship, repayment and forgiveness programs.

Career transitions Explore different career options for veterinarians, assess which might be best for you, and learn how to write a resume that translates your veterinary skills into more universally-understood business language and market yourself to potential employers.

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